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Today feels like a very “full-circle” experience for me as we release our very first collection of knitting patterns exclusively for men.

It doesn’t feel like so long ago that I was a new knitter, searching for male sweater patterns that suited my own tastes, needs, and abilities. Though the absence of such patterns was perhaps the single most influential factor in my path towards knitwear design, I’ve always remembered the frustration I felt as a result of my limited options.

Knitting has taken me on quite an unexpected and wonderful journey since then, and all along the way I’ve daydreamed about creating patterns for men that might help those knitters who find themselves in the same place that I was then – be you a male knitter yourself, or any knitter with a husband, brother, son, partner or friend who has at one time or another made that sacred request for a handknit sweater or accessory.

Last year, when I pitched the idea of a men’s collection to the design team, an immediate excitement engulfed. That fervor stayed strong all throughout the process – we’ve had a great time putting all the puzzle pieces of this collection together. In designing, we set out to create knits that were understated and easy to wear, but maintained details that made them special (and enjoyable to make by hand).

Selfishly, I loved having the excuse to design and create some of the pieces that I’ve been been wishing were in my own closet for quite some time!

The look book features the entire collection – 8 garments and 5 accessories – that cover a range of skill (and commitment) levels, from beginner to advanced.



We hope you enjoy our first small contribution to the genre of men’s knits!


Resources: The BT Men look book can be viewed on our website here, or download the free PDF for viewing on your tablet or device.

Each pattern is available for instant download here, or on Brooklyn Tweed yarns used in the collection are available for purchase online, or at one of our 16 flagship retail locations.

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23 responses to “BT Men: Volume 1”

  1. Fantastic! And about time. As a designer and parent of a twenty-something son, this is a collection to celebrate. Now, if I could just purchase BT yarns here in Canada, life would be almost perfect.

  2. Once again you have curated a stunning collection. You have combined art and function into one. I also love how every piece is very masculine, and yet I can see myself adjusting them for me into a feminine style.

  3. yeah
    i would like to have a boyfriend knitting this collection
    and i could share wearing ;)))

  4. I cannot express how lovely, timely, and beautiful this collection is. It is what all knitwear should embody – a sense of history, a modern take on classic shapes, and a timeless aesthetic. I felt a huge rush of emotion when I looked through the pages of the look book. Patterns like these are why I knit. thank you for continuing to produce such lovely things. And I can’t wait until you’ll let us carry your yarn in our Iowa store! It would be such a good fit, really!

  5. This whole collection is stunning. As a guy who knits, this is like hitting the jackpot. Beautiful collection, fantastic design, and a stunning aesthetic

  6. This collection is amazing! Stunning mens’ patterns are hard to find, but you’ve nailed it. While I’d love to dive into Hugo, time constraints mean I should probably start with the Veronik Avery cap and scarf. They will be perfect for Christmas gifts!

    Thank you for a beautiful collection!

  7. I’ll be adapting a lot of these to fit myself, I think. I like them a lot better than the really overtly feminine designs that women get now (I know it’s a kickback against boxiness, but seriously, not every women’s jumper needs waist shaping and lace details!)

    Will just be a matter of ensuring the shoulders aren’t too broad and the bust will fit 😉

  8. as a yarn store owner, THANK YOU! We are perpetually looking for good men’s sweaters and finding an absolute dearth. These are beautiful and I can’t wait to introduce them to my customers.

  9. Thank you!! I knitted Guston for my husband last year (which he wears ALL the time), and he’s just started making murmurings about the possibility of another sweater. As you might guess, the biggest issue has been finding a suitable pattern. This new collection has 2 that he’d be really happy with, and another couple that I think have excellent potential as well. Unless someone else starts designing similarly un fussy but interesting men’s sweaters, I think he’ll be spending many winters to come dressed in Brooklyn tweed designs. It could be worse 🙂

  10. Stunning designs! So many men’s designs look like revamped women’s sweaters or just bear the obvious mark of being designed by a chick. My own personal husband would not be caught dead in 99% of the men’s sweater patterns I see. These are classic, masculine and something real men would be comfortable being seen wearing. Score! It is totally irrelevant, but those are some of the most unique and interesting looking MEN modeling them that I have ever seen. Beautiful photography. It’s all about the knitting, of course, but eye candy is always an added bonus.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure all of us male knitters have experienced the frustration you reference. I’ve only just started on Slade and my husband has already started pestering me to knit one for him as well.

  12. Handsome men handsomely photographed wearing very handsome knitted garments. As a novice knitter I think I have done my last single-cable scarf! Really, a well done production. Thanks to all of you involved. Me

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