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Today is the big day! With the launch of our Winter 19 collection, the Winter of Colorwork KAL has officially begun.

If you haven’t decided which pattern you’re going to knit along with, you still have time — the Cast On Date is next Wednesday, January 23. Browse our Winter 19 collection for some new colorwork patterns, or search our pattern archive. There are also thousands of wonderful patterns to choose from on Ravelry.

Then, read our previous post for tips on selecting your colors — whether or not you knit Gudrun Johnston’s Pascal Cardigan with us, the same tips apply!

Selecting a Sweater Size

Let’s start planning our Pascal Cardigans by deciding which size, shape, and length to knit. Pascal can be made with or without waist shaping, allowing for variation depending on how you’d like your sweater to fit. In the pattern, the finished chest sizes are the same for both the “women’s” and “men’s” versions. The body and sleeve length are longer in the “men’s” version of the pattern.

If you’d like your finished sweater to be snugger or looser, this is an easy pattern to adjust for gauge. Simply go down or up a needle size, being sure to check your gauge with a swatch to calculate your final measurements first!

Keep in mind that chunky weight yarns, such as Quarry, have special “rules” to consider when selecting size. The bulkier the yarn you’re using, the bigger the difference between the garment’s circumference on the outside (public-facing side) and the circumference on the inside (where your body is). Because bulky yarns create very thick fabrics, the inside measurement of a bulky sweater is tighter than the outside measurement, much like the lanes on the inside of a race-track are a shorter distance than the lanes on the outside.

Remember to take the thickness of your yarn and knitted fabric into account when choosing ease for sweaters that require heavier yarns. For more reading on the topic of fit and ease, (re)visit our article on Selecting a Sweater Size below!

Swatching for Stranded Colorwork

As with any project, don’t skip the swatching step! Chances are, the colorwork pattern you select will be knit in the round. As such, we recommend the Speed Swatching method for checking your gauge and color choices.

Circular knitting, in which every round is worked from the Right Side, can produce a different gauge than flat knitting due to a subtle variation in tension between knitting and purling that many knitters experience. Swatching is all about simulating the fabric of your final garment, so when preparing for a circular project, swatching in the round is the best approach. You can find our instructions on how to do so in our Swatching 101 article below!

Join us next week for Cast On Day, and in the meantime, let us know which pattern you’ll be knitting!

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One of the perks of working here in the Brooklyn Tweed office is getting to see and try on samples for upcoming collections well in advance of their releases — though, for our queues, this can be as much a curse as it is a blessing! We know a pattern is special when we all flock to the same design. While we have a special spot in our hearts for every item in our upcoming Winter 19 collection, we were especially drawn to Gudrun Johnston’s Pascal Cardigan. Garter stitch, colorwork, and plush Quarry — surely few can beat it in feats of coziness! Plus, its woodsy three-color motif struck us as being enjoyable for stranded colorwork knitters of all levels, and just the right thing to get us out of the winter doldrums.

With all this in mind, we figured — two summers ago was our Summer of Lace; why not make this winter our Winter of Colorwork? Won’t you knitalong with us?

For our Winter of Colorwork KAL, we’ll be knitting the Pascal Cardigan and sharing our tips and techniques for working each part of the cardigan — choosing colors, swatching for stranded colorwork, sweater construction, and (yes!) steeking, to name a few. However, you’re also welcome to join us by knitting any colorwork pattern in our archive or any colorwork pattern using Brooklyn Tweed yarn.

The pattern for the Pascal Cardigan will be available on January 16 with the release of our Winter 19 collection, but if you’d like to start planning your project, you can download and print our Pascal Coloring Sheet to get started with choosing your colors. Many of our Retail Stockists will be joining in on the Pascal fun as well, so don’t forget to get connected with a BT stockist near you!

For those of you interested in purchasing yarn to knit Pascal ahead of the pattern launch, this is the yarn, yardage and sizing information:

34¾ (39½, 44, 48½, 53¼, 57¾)” [88 (100.5, 112, 123, 135, 147) cm] circumference at chest (buttoned)
The finished chest measurements are the same for both the Women’s and Men’s version.

Quarry Yarn:  (WOMEN’S) [MEN’S] (6, 6, 7, 7*, 8, 9) [6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9] skeins of Main Color (MC); (1) [1] skein of Color 1 (C1); (1)[1] skein of Color 2 (C2)
*Note: Women’s fourth size uses almost all of seven skeins. You may wish to consider purchasing an extra skein

Chunky weight wool yarn: (1025, 1135, 1275, 1400, 1550, 1675) [1060, 1195, 1335, 1470, 1615, 1740] yards MC; (90, 100, 110, 115, 125, 130) [90, 100, 110, 115, 125, 130] yards C1; (105, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160) [105, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160] yards C2

How to Join the Winter of Colorwork KAL

First, choose your favorite yarn and knitting project that features stranded colorwork (yoke motif or allover motif — as long as it’s stranded, anything is fair game!). The project should be knit using BT yarn, worked from a BT pattern, or both. If you already have a WIP, feel free to join the KAL to finish your project or ask us questions if you’re stuck.

If you choose a stranded colorwork pattern that specifically involves steeking, you can also participate in the Fringe and Friends Steekalong, run by Karen Templer of Fringe Association. (Knit one, KAL two!)

Then, head over to the Winter of Colorwork KAL Chatter thread on Ravelry to introduce yourself and share your plan for what you’re going to knit. Feel free to include any questions or topics you’d like the KAL to address.

Blog Schedule

January 9 Selecting Colors for Stranded Colorwork Knitting
January 16 — Pattern Selection, Fit and Swatching with Your Colors
January 23 Cast-On and Knitting Pascal: Beginning the Sleeves
January 30 Knitting Pascal: Beginning the Body
February 6 Knitting Pascal: Joining the Sleeves to the Body
February 13 — Knitting Pascal: Steeking
February 20 — Knitting Pascal: Finishing
February 27 — Winter of Colorwork KAL Wrap-Up*

* We’ll be posting each week to the blog, but do know that you can continue working on your project after the last blog post. We’ll continue to respond to questions in the BT Fan Club Forum on Ravelry, as well as admire your shared projects and participate in group discussions!

In addition to joining us on Ravelry, please use the KAL hashtags listed below on any and all social media posts you make that share your project and progress. We’ll be re-posting images from participating knitters throughout the KAL.

The official cast on date for the KAL is January 23. We look forward to knitting, and learning, alongside you!



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Join us in welcoming the holiday season with childlike cheer and caroling color to weather the winter dark!

We’ve curated a collection of patterns both old and new, and traditional and modern to bundle up in celebration, whether warming up in the comfort of the indoors or adventuring hand in hand in the stillness of the outdoors.

Immerse yourself in deep, festively earthy hues — berry reds, butternut oranges, forest greens — and remember the brightness, light, and even play, that can come from times of regeneration and slowing down — that shines through togetherness, gratitude, and love.

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Well worn and worn well.

Our Deep Fall 18 release welcomes the crisp fall air with garments and accessories that merge classic, minimalist style with casual utility.

Crafted by our Design Team with a focus on purposeful fit, proportion, and shaping details, the pieces here invite easy styling. We curated fitted silhouettes (Blume and Svenson for Her) that make for polished, standalone pieces;

relaxed pullovers (Aldous, Solenn, and Berenice) that inspire fun layering;

and an exquisitely textured roomy cardigan and bold accessories (Haskell, High Pines Hat, and Leander) to throw on and tie a complete look together.

These pieces are happy to play with beloved closet staples, or to form a foundation for a capsule wardrobe intended to be well worn and worn well.

Here is understated sophistication to reach for through the seasons — we hope you find a piece that makes your eyes and hands sing!

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This year we’re welcoming the highly-anticipated return of fall with two new pattern collections, the first of which is now ready for you to immerse yourself in today — Early Fall 18.

The conception of this collection began with a curious attraction to the quiet yet compelling colors, shapes, and textures found in the art of paper folding. Our Design Team took this inspiration to their drawing boards and created an exciting collection that embodies those first feelings of intrigue by challenging our perceptions of how a knitted garment can be constructed, assembled, and made.

In Early Fall 18, you’ll find garments that appear angular and sculptural, but maintain sinuous drape and fluidity. You’ll explore construction methods that coax you out of your comfort zone, all while remaining true to the intuitive joys of handmaking. You’ll also feel emboldened to follow paths that go sideways, perform maneuvers that tessellate, and traverse planes that fold.

Using our core worsted-spun yarns — Arbor, Peerie, and Vale — as your clay, you’ll sculpt beautifully clever pieces that will delight and serve you for years to come.

Join us in exploring and melding these two genres of handmaking — we’re so looking forward to seeing what you discover.


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The transition from spring to summer invites us to consider our knitting in new ways, and with this in mind we are elated to be releasing our Wool People 12 collection today with its array of easy to wear sweaters and accessories that are perfect for this seasonal shift.

Inspired by the organic subtleties of coastal formations, Wool People 12 elevates simplicity of shape with intricate details and engaging techniques. Each designer featured in this collection has made the most of our Loft, Peerie, Arbor, and Vale yarns — finding the sweet spot where lightness of hand meets structure and drape.

From budding talents to seasoned experts, we have been fortunate to collaborate with designers from around the world for our Wool People series, and treasure each opportunity to witness a melding of BT’s contemporary style with each individual designer’s aesthetic. 

Join us in celebrating the talents of our guest Wool People designers, and feel inspired by the serenity of the Oregon Coast while perusing the collection lookbook, where you’ll surely find your next summer knitting project.

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Today we have the thrill and pleasure to share our newest core yarn with knitters around the world. Peerie is four worsted-spun plies of all-American Merino wool, soft and sleek and springy, perfectly suited for stranded colorwork and so much more. It comes in our largest palette yet — 45 sumptuous solids — to support the tonal shifts, complementary notes, and zings of contrast necessary for Fair Isle-inspired knits.

Any yarn we add to our permanent stable needs to be a true workhorse, so we made sure Peerie would shine in all kinds of projects, from textural stitchwork to cables to lace. You can see the results of our ardent swatching in our new lookbook.


Four patterns from our archives are now available with directions for knitting in Peerie as well as the original yarn. You’ll find the fresh versions in the lookbook, and if you already own the pattern you’ll see a free update posted to your library on our website and/or Ravelry.

Most of all, we hope Peerie inspires you to play with color. As a tasting project to introduce the new yarn and the possibilities of the palette Jared Flood’s Lucerne hat pattern is ideal for knitters new to colorwork, with short carries and simple three-and-one color exchanges. Download a Lucerne hat coloring page and start exploring the possibilities of Peerie’s 45 colorway palette. Kits are available in six different combinations of two to four hues to get you started. If you’d like to join us for a speedy knit along with the Lucerne hat, join us in the BT Fan Club on Ravelry today!

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We are pleased to announce that the entire 12-piece Winter 18 collection is now available in French, Japanese, German, and Russian.

We began our full-collection translations initiative in a concerted effort to continue supporting diversity within our collective knitting culture. We believe that our knitting community is a worldwide community — connecting with, sharing with, and learning from one another on a global scale is now easier and more instantaneous than ever before. However, language still remains a barrier for many. As such, we hope that with this translations release we can share the revelatory night music and poetry of Winter 18 with more knitters around the world.* We are also committed to offering collection and individual pattern translations in more languages in the future — let us know what languages are on your wishlist!

* Our sincerest thanks goes to Bianca French (German), Marina Melnikova (Russian), Sophie Oudry-Braillon (French), and our Japanese translator (who wishes to remain anonymous) for the dedicated work they have put into helping us realize Winter 18 Translations.

Accessing Translated Patterns

When you purchase a Brooklyn Tweed pattern through our webstore or on, the pattern PDF will automatically be available in all of its translations. The file name of each PDF designates its language. If you have already purchased a pattern from Winter 18, the translated versions are available to download in your BT account and/or Ravelry library. (If you purchased patterns from our webstore, read how to transfer them to your Ravelry library here.)

Additionally, our Pattern Translations page serves as a resource where you can find a frequently updated list of all the translations available for individual Brooklyn Tweed patterns.


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While our Winter 18 lookbook is a celebration of darkness and mystery, a burst of light can change the mood of a garment entirely and also serves to illuminate stitch work. We knit some of the collection pieces twice to highlight the dazzlingly different effect of cool and warm colors.

Geiger in Kettle whispers its beauty, drawing the viewer in close to seek out the details. In Klimt, it trumpets:

We love a bright scarf to banish the winter blahs. Bevel truly sings in exultant yellows and reds:

Freja, the kind of wear-with-everything basic we like to keep in neutral colors, received a contrasting swing from Obsidian to Sandstone:

We’re interested in subtle shifts, too. Here’s Peaks warmed up with Caribou and Fossil for a gentle glow:

Whether you prefer the quiet mystery of the dark side or the traffic-stopping vibrant colors, we thank you for your warm welcome of Winter 18 and look forward to watching your own versions of these garments take shape. Please join the KAL thread in our Ravelry group and tag your social media sharing with #BTWinter18KAL so we can enjoy your photos!

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January is here. It’s a season of contrasts: bare branches against the cloudy sky, lights dancing in the early dark, warm woolens against the frosty air. It can be a blue time, a bleak time, a season of solitude when we scuttle into our warm homes rather than lingering to talk with neighbors. Trudging through chilly rain or shoveling another foot of snow from the drive, we can forget that growing things are storing up energy and pushing out secret roots to make ready for spring.

Knitting helps many of us take pleasure in this time of regeneration. The frenzy of crafting for holiday gifts has passed and the lull invites us to take stock of our own desires. The darkness gives harbor to dreamers and planners. Stitch by stitch, we can revel in the quiet clarity of this season.

To celebrate this time of mystery and possibility, we’re offering up a collection of knitwear inspired by the poetry of the winter dark. We imagine you sifting through the pages of our lookbook as a gardener might thumb a seed catalog, meditating on the beauty that might unfurl from your needles as we wait for light.

We hope you enjoy our Winter 18 collection and send our very best wishes for a joyous and peaceful New Year to every one of you.


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