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A year of new yarns and patterns mean lots of swatches for us to play with here in the Brooklyn Tweed office. So we thought, what better way to repurpose our Peerie colorwork swatches than to refresh our Lavender Sachets tutorial and share the inspiration?

We love how cheerful, festive, and sweet-smelling this new batch of colorwork sachets turned out. They’re also delightfully quick and satisfying to make — so much so that we couldn’t help but zip up Svenson Pullover cabled swatches too. (Last-minute stocking stuffers, anyone?)

Eager to repurpose your own swatches? Revisit our tutorial below!

In the second and third installments of our Foundations series, we covered the basics of swatching and seaming to aid you in tackling your knitting projects skillfully and confidently. Today, we’ll show you a quick and easy way to further practice these foundational techniques: by repurposing and seaming swatches to make lavender sachets!

These sachets are a delight to make for a number of reasons. First, they hit the sweet spot for both process knitters and project knitters — they’re truly approachable and suitable for practice because of their size and they make lovely, sweet-smelling finished objects that you can keep in a knitting bag or use in your knitwear care routine.

Second, they can be a great way to keep inspiration around you at all times. Perhaps you have a swatch for a visually-appealing intricate colorwork motif, or for a tactile-pleasing textured stitch pattern, or even for a simple stockinette fabric in a memorable yarn. Zip them up into a sachet that you can take with you for moments when you need a boost of creativity, or use to decorate your living or work space. (This project was inspired by the many development swatches we have strewn about the Brooklyn Tweed office!)

Third, they also make charming holiday gifts, either on their own or as a companion to another handknit.

What you’ll need

1) Two swatches of the same size

You can repurpose swatches that you already have or knit up two squares following our instructions in Swatching 101. Alternatively, you can use or knit up one large swatch that you can then fold in half to create your sachet (this method leaves fewer edges to seam).

2) A darning or tapestry needle

3) A few yards of firmly-spun seaming yarn in a matching color and of equal or lighter weight than your swatch yarn

4) Locking stitch markers or coilless safety pins

5) A sharp pair of thread/yarn snips

6) Loose lavender (cedar chips or shavings work well, too)

7) Fiberfill for stuffing (you can use wool roving or polyfill)

Zip it up!

Stack your two swatches with wrong sides facing each other, then seam the bottom and the two sides following our instructions in Seaming 101.  You can play around by mixing and matching the swatches that you choose! We made the sachet pictured above using two swatches for Galloway, with one side using the main colorwork motif and the other side using the lice motif on the body of the cardigan.

Once the bottom and sides are seamed, stuff your sachet with fiberfill and a couple scoops of loose lavender using the top opening. You can sandwich your loose lavender in between the fiberfill to prevent them from coming out of your fabric or bunching at the bottom of the sachet. Finally, seam the top closed. To hide the end of your seaming yarn, snip it leaving a tail of a few inches, then bury the darning needle in the sachet from a corner while scrunching the sachet. Push the needle back out, snip the end, then let the tail retract back inside as you coax the sachet into its original shape.

Alternatively, you can fold one large swatch in half; the fold will eliminate one seam. You can then seam two more sides before stuffing and seaming the sachet closed. You can also play with swatches knit in the round. We made the sachet below with a colorwork “tube” swatch by simply seaming the bottom, stuffing the pouch, then finishing off the top.

The rectangular shape makes this particular sachet work well as an eye pillow or as a wrist rest, so you can experiment with sizing too! For example, if you enjoy knitting large swatches, you can certainly repurpose them into a luxurious lavender-stuffed cushion.

However you choose to customize your sachets, we hope you’ll delight in the opportunity to practice foundational techniques on a small but gratifying project!

Originally published on December 6, 2017.

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Join us in welcoming the holiday season with childlike cheer and caroling color to weather the winter dark!

We’ve curated a collection of patterns both old and new, and traditional and modern to bundle up in celebration, whether warming up in the comfort of the indoors or adventuring hand in hand in the stillness of the outdoors.

Immerse yourself in deep, festively earthy hues — berry reds, butternut oranges, forest greens — and remember the brightness, light, and even play, that can come from times of regeneration and slowing down — that shines through togetherness, gratitude, and love.

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In this season of gratitude and giving thanks, we at Brooklyn Tweed would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for your continued support and friendship. It’s because of all of you sharing in our passion for wool, knitting, and design that we can continue doing what we do.

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This holiday season, we’ve thoughtfully curated a selection of hand knitting patterns as well as kits, books, and stationery to warm the hearts of you and yours. Whether you have knitters in your life or are a knitter yourself, give the gift of inspiration and a woolly embrace!

Handknitting Kits

Our knitting kits are hand-assembled with care and ship ready to gift in a handsome, black Kraft paper box sealed with our Brooklyn Tweed label. Tucked inside, you’ll find enough pre-wound skeins of yarn for the kit project in the colorway of your choice nestled among recyclable decorative fill. The kits also include a coupon code for the kit pattern and a yarn care card, all slipped into a black envelope you can reuse for holiday correspondence. Additionally, at your request, we will happily include a handwritten note for your loved one for a personalized touch.

This holiday season, we’re offering seasonal handknitting kits for the Breckenridge Scarf, Fretwork Cowl, Skiff Watchcap, Skiff Beanie, and Voe Hat.

As a special gift, we’re also including a Notebook for Knitters in each kit through the holiday season. Available in three different designs, our notebooks are printed locally and are the perfect size for on-the-go writing, sketching, and recording progress on current projects — or planning future ones. Organize your thoughts using the index page, and flip to the back of the book for quick Needle Size conversions or measuring progress with the printed ruler!


A happy addition to any knitter’s library are our pattern books: Woolens by Jared Flood, CAPSULE: Michele Wang, and CAPSULE: Olga Buraya-Kefelian. These are available in print form or e-book form and are the perfect gifts of inspiration for your knitter (or yourself!) as they plan projects for the coming year.

Sweater Cards

Send the warmest wishes to your dear ones with our Sweater Cards, a pack of 15 blank greeting cards featuring watercolor paintings of some of our most beloved designs from the Design Team’s archive. (Funnily enough, we’ve found that they can also serve as handy IOUs for a sweater gift-knit!)

Digital Gift Card

If you’re stuck on what to give the knitters in your life, gift the gift of choice with our digital gift cards! Completely stress-free, they’re a great way to ensure that your knitter finds the yarn and/or pattern they love.

Holiday Wishlist

Our Holiday Wishlist is a great way to take the guesswork out of holiday gift planning. Simply ask your knitter to download it here and fill in with their hand knitting kit, book, yarn, and/or pattern of choice — or fill it in yourself with your woolly wishes. (Don’t forget to check it twice!)

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What a wonderful holiday Thanksgiving is – one of my very favorites. Slowing down, enjoying the coziness of home with food and family (in the broadest sense of the word).

We wanted to say thank you to all of our readers and customers for your continued support and friendship.

Wishing you a special day, no matter where your table is.

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I love New Years. To me there’s always a strong feeling of the collective whole taking stock of where we’re at. It’s a time of gratitude and looking forward. It feels great.

It’s been another whirlwind year for us as our little company continues to grow and refine itself. Today we’re slowing down and enjoying the quiet.

We’re so looking forward to another year of new ideas, projects and challenges. A sincere thanks to all for reading, commenting, and supporting what we do here – we’re so grateful!


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