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“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Knitting, like painting or sculpture, is a source of self-expression. What’s more, the fruits of knitting provide us beautiful and practical means to warm ourselves and those we love. It’s completely portable, ready to travel with us to our favorite solitary places in nature, and is just at home in social situations, being shared with those who understand the joy of it.

Knitting also supplies an antidote to the vexing velocity of our time. A few rows of friendly garter stitch can erase a day’s decision fatigue, calming our system and gently transitioning us into quiet time at home. The scent of wool, the bounce of each stitch as its woolen crimp responds to our touch, the sense of mastery as we make sense of new techniques and store them forever in our mental toolbox, are visceral satisfactions. Perhaps we are responding to something deep in our human wiring, a common memory for a different rhythm of life.

If thinking about all this makes your heart flutter a little, we’re right there with you. Our Outpost letter — traditionally an introduction to each of our collection lookbooks — is expanding into a monthly newsletter that allows us to share more stories and thoughts on knitting. Our journey in developing yarns from scratch has introduced us to unexpected and thought-provoking people, places and ideas — we want to share more of them with you.

We’ve also reimagined Outpost to serve as a resource for techniques we’ve learned along the way — details that elevate hand knit garments to timeless items you can fold into a classic, well-considered wardrobe. For this inaugural Outpost, we offer helpful advice on selecting a sweater size and calculating ease.

We support slow fashion and want to explore this inspiring movement with you in coming issues. We look forward to having an ongoing conversation about ideas of quality over quantity, of reclaiming calm from the sometimes frantic pace of daily life.

Select Outposts will include a new pattern that is designed for meditative, beginner-friendly knitting. The joy of knitting need not be complicated, and these patterns will allow for a reprieve from busy days and bigger projects throughout the month. (October’s Outpost will feature a new pattern from Emily Greene.)

We are excited to be kicking off our Outpost series — with every successive newsletter arriving the first Wednesday of each month (click here to sign-up if you’re not yet a subscriber) — and hope you’ll warm your favorite mug and sit with us a bit. We’re glad you’re here.



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71 responses to “Stories and Skill Building for Knitters”

  1. How nice of you; an expanded Outposts newsletter! I need all the knitting help I can find. I am chomping at the bit in anticipation. I hope your Summer is winding down nicely.

  2. Thank you for this superb production! Everything that comes out of Brooklyn Tweed is lovely. I certainly never leave your table hungry for inspiration.

    The photo of that huge pile of Columbia fleece makes this handspinner’s pulse race. It’s important to appreciate the sheep and the farmers who struggle to raise them. Until I learned to spin and was routinely on the farms to buy fleece, I never realized how HARD it is, how tough the odds are, and that’s here in New England! It’s much harder in the West where predation is even more common, and that’s only one of the many demands on shepherds. My shepherds guard against coyotes, house dogs in packs, and occasionally a hungry bear, but at least we rarely have mountain lions and wolves. Please do keep the shepherds and sheep before us so we always remember to be grateful for them.

    All best wishes,


  3. One of the things I love about knitting is that there’s always more to learn. I look forward to reading and learning with you!

  4. As an English knitter who finds your patterns truly inspirational, I struggle with some of the American terms and techniques. Please could some consideration be given to explaining some of these skills, which, to American knitters will be normal practice.

  5. This sounds exciting. I look forward to receiving Outpost each month. Great to include help with knitting technique – I can always improve on that score.

    It has been such a pleasure to watch your progress over the years. Congratulations and thanks!

  6. This is a great concept. I have knit for many years and have made many of your designs from your portfolio of designers. Garments designed by Jared, Julie Hoover, Michele Wang, Olga Buraya Kefalien are some of my favourite projects. Over the years many friends have started to knit and are always looking for good knitting information linked to the possibility of making fashionable, fun and satisfying projects using the best quality yarn. Brooklyn Tweed is my favourite place to find the type of knitwear design that I am looking for plus a totally fabulous range of yarn and with Outpost I believe other knitters and prospective knitters will become fans too. Well done, cudos to you.

  7. The photos are so beautiful! They bring me right back to my roots, in Irish farming country, and act as a reminder of where our wonderful gift of yarn comes from. More of the same, please! Perhaps following those lambs through the stages from photogenic babies to mature adults, through shearing etc. Wonderful!

  8. This is wonderful news! Thank you! I have been a fan of Brooklyn tweed for many years and love seeing it evolve and grow.

  9. Love that you’re expanding in this direction. Obviously I’m a big fan of the slow fashion movement and just slowing down in general, day to day, so I’m excited to see what peaceful additions BT has for my inbox!

  10. Thank you for this. Since November I rely more and more on the connection to knitting to ground me. Just looking at your previous lookbooks and the beautiful photographs is calming and feels like a hug. Looking forward to receiving these newsletters. Thanks again.

  11. Thanks! For sharing…..even an experienced knitter….needs to have information refreshed!
    Your photos are fabulous….love the baby lambs!
    Your yarns are both beautiful in looks and to knit.
    Brooklyn Tweed is a top notched company
    Looking forward to upcoming newsletters

  12. You talk about row gauge as being critical, but how do you correct for row gauge in the pattern if your row gauge is different from the gauge suggested.

  13. Thank you! I look forward to your expanded publication. I feel like I’m visiting with a friend whenever I read this newsletter.

  14. Regional geographies, climate and people all feature in our view of a new place. How has moving to Oregon changed your outlook as far as design, materials and the ‘feel’ of the place affected you?

  15. I love the slow fashion movement idea and the quality over quantity. The thoughts and photos and designs of Brooklyn Tweed are inspiring.

  16. Thank you for this beautiful addition to your newsletter. Yes, reading those first few paragraphs did make my heart flutter! Also, thank you for coming to Charlottesville, I am so excited that you are now at a local yarn shop.
    I will be looking forward to future editions of Outpost.

  17. So exciting and newsworthy! Looking forward to next month already and, as usual, it has sophistication written all over it.

  18. This is such an excellent idea, Jared! I am thrilled to see you expanding the Brooklyn Tweed offerings and appreciate your sharing tips, ideas, patterns and stories. Thanks for all you do!

  19. Your Lookbook brings me joy each time it arrives in my email. The patterns, the colors, the photos are always breathtaking. Now you’ve taken it a step further with your Outpost letter. Thank you so much. What a wonderful gift to be able to bless the lives of so many people.

  20. I already love the patterns and inspiration your company provides. Your customer service is impeccable and your products always deliver a satisfying finished project. I’m sure Emily Greene’s pattern will be wonderful–I am already biased towards her design simply because we share the same last name.

    I have not yet delved into the world of knitted clothing because I am afraid of putting all that work into something that will not fit. Therefore, I am excited to read your tutorial on the fit/ease for knitting a sweater.

    BT has been a great blessing to me! Thank you.

  21. I have looked forward to your lookbooks whenever they come out. I look back on them and have made three sweaters (and a hat) from your collection. I’m very excited to read “Outpost” and learn even more about my favorite past time, knitting. Thank you for providing the very best.

  22. I am so excited for this. Thank you for this gift, along with your beautiful yarn, patterns and superb customer service. I can’t say enough.

  23. I look forward to your beautiful aesthetics slowing me down a bit. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  24. I am so excited to enjoy more of the beautiful photography and artful creations from Brooklyn Tweed. Your company never disappoints!

  25. This is truly exhilarating, and the post on sweater ease is very informative. Thanks Brooklyn Tweed, you have done it again. I am looking forward to the patterns in this post too!

  26. This is the best possible, yet most obvious, way for Brooklyn Tweed to progress! I live far away, in the Himalayan mountains of India, but that doesn’t stop me from buying your patterns and knitting them into beloved garments.
    I have learnt so much from each pattern, and I believe my knitting has come a long way, thanks to the blog archives, and the news section. Am looking forward to the Outpost!!

  27. Looking forward to experiencing more of the incredible talents of Brooklyn Tweed, from the incredible photography to the stunning designs and exceptional yarns. How lovely to have more frequent news from you with techniques as well. Kudos!

  28. AMEN!! This post resonates deeply with me. Connection over many miles, warming and reassuring as if we had sat together with a pot of tea and WIP. Thank you

  29. I’m looking forward to reading & learning from future issues. It’s a brilliant idea to produce this monthly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & beautiful patterns with us.

  30. Fantastic! It is so nice to see the photos of the sheep, the yarn and finished garments side by side. I couldn’t agree more with the concept of slow fashion…quality over quantity. I’m looking forward to learn with you! Thank you for the lovely news!

  31. This is great!! Thank you so much for providing us with such good information, patterns and inspiration.

  32. Thank you! How wonderful that we have something that removes stress from our lives…looking forward to the simple patterns to share with friends that might not be up to intermediate speed yet. You all are awsome!! <3

  33. Well said and inspiring! Thank you for beautiful publications, gorgeous wools and outstanding photography. Brooklyn Tweed style is timeless.

  34. Thank you for this! Your message today was so uplifting and calming (with future calming to come!), a much needed reserve to dip into in this world today. I’m so grateful to have learned to knit so many years ago. Your posts solidifies that knowledge and understanding that it is a multi-faceted art form/craft/meditation/reward and I personally want to thank you for all you do to encourage and preserve this.

  35. Looking foward to the monthly installments! Excited to have your yarn stocked in Columbus Ohio at Sew to Speak.

  36. Love the tutorial. Your company has the most comprehensive and insightful knitting instructions I have ever used. Also your designers are top notch.

  37. Jared, I have followed and loved your work since before your blog went Super Sonic. Your photography, dedication to American products and work, and sense of style have been overwhelming. My first major sweater project was to make Timberline for my husband. She is so thrilled with his sweater that he threatens to turn up the air-conditioning even in warmer weather in order to wear it. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Love the size and E’s advice, but as that high-waisted plus size hourglass woman with broad arms would love to know how to change sleeve size when the pattern bodice size already fits. Particularly with set in sleeves we’re making the sleeves large enough really changes the whole attachment. Also, any chance you could ever post a calendar of your appearances? Love to go to your trunk shows, but
    have never managed to be there when you were there.

    Love trumps hate

  38. Love this! I really need some quiet time each night to gather my thougts about the day and gather some strenght for the next. And sitting on my couch knitting a few rows helps me so much. I may not knit fast or finish a sweater every month but for me it is about the meditation. Thank you so much BT!

  39. Thank you for this warm welcome!
    Unfortunately, I cannot find the name of the person responsible for this OUTPOST – but it’s literature! So nice to read – and so true … everyone who loves to knit will understand.
    I’m looking forward to a lot of interesting articles, and I would love to read more short stories about the making of these wonderful wool we are working with – “from a sheep on a meadow to the knitted piece in my wardrobe” as I put it.

  40. I’m just catching up on reading Outpost from the beginning but will take my time. Thank you for thoughtful, congenial companionship to look forward to.

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