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Today we’re excited to announce a new addition to Brooklyn Tweed’s permanent stable of yarns: an airy Rambouillet laceweight from the softest fleece we’ve ever offered. Vale has been in development since last year and it’s been hard to keep it under our hats! Like all its BT cousins, this breed-specific yarn is 100% American made, from sheep to dyepot. Vale will be available for purchase on May 17. Ready for a sneak peek?

The Fiber

Rambouillet sheep are also known as French Merinos; two hundred years of careful breeding developed a fleece with even more crimp and bounce than the merino that’s widely available today. In the United States, Rambouillets are a favorite finewool breed on the western plains. The growers we work with in Wyoming achieve wool with a micron count of 21.5, the softest fiber we’ve used to date.

The Process

The same partners who help us produce Arbor bring our Rambouillet bales from raw fleece to finished skein. Chargeurs, based in South Carolina, scours it clean and combs it into the smooth and consistent top that’s required for worsted spinning. The fiber is shipped on to Maine for worsted spinning at the Jagger Brothers mill, and then travels a short distance to the Saco River Dyehouse for eco-friendly skein dyeing.

The Colors

Vale’s 14 custom shades augment some touchstone colors from the Arbor line with sophisticated softer tones. Dusty rose shades, glacial blues, and lichen yellows form a focused palette that offers both neutrals and brights.

The Knitting

We’ve handpicked a selection of favorite lace pieces designed by Jared Flood from the BT archives to re-knit in Vale. (Any guesses which they are?) We love the polished, even spin of this yarn, which shows off stitch motifs to maximum effect.

Mull over the palette and the pattern options and get ready to join us for a summer of lace! We’ll be hosting our first-ever knitalong starting in early July and posting our favorite tips and tricks for lace success. If you’re lace-curious but haven’t tried this beautiful form of knitting yet, it will be the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet.

Join us this week while we discuss Vale and all of its project possibilities on the BT Ravelry forum.

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49 responses to “Introducing Vale”

  1. J’adore vos laines et celle-ci a tout d’une grande “laine”.
    Je vais l’essayer volontiers.
    Merci pour votre travail.

  2. I am 70 years old (the new 60). To date I have never used laceaweight yarn. BUT it looks so beautiful, I am definitely going to purchase some! The blue is perfect!

  3. I really want to knit something in this yarn! The shades sound wonderful!! Dusty Roses? Yum! Glacier Blues? Whooh!

  4. Hello Lynn, We’re trying to keep some of the details about Vale a surprise until launch day next week, so stay tuned for more specifics! While we don’t currently have any silk yarn blends available for sale, I’m happy to share your feedback with the rest of the team. All the best, Jamie | BT Customer Service

  5. Mary

    I will be anxious to try this new yarn. I am just finishing a project in Loft and I really loved knitting with this yarn. Hope Vale is as yummy to work with.

  6. I’m so thrilled! I am an avid lace knitter and it seems as though man companies are cutting back on producing laceweight yarns rather than increasing the variety. Kudos And many thanks!

  7. Oh, the colors are beautiful! I will be ordering some of this yarn as soon as you make it available. I really enjoy knitting lace patterns and have a huge bundle of shawl patterns. It will also work real well blending it with a strand of kid silk mohair yarn. I have already done this on a shawl that I knitted using your Plains yarn.

  8. Well, didn’t think BT could get any better than the BEST but Vale looks like you’ve done it!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on some and put it in stitches!!

  9. If Vale is anything like BT other yarns, I know I will love it! I need a good lace weight to pair with a fingering for a project I am starting this summer! This may fit the bill!

  10. Thank you BT. A welcome surprise. Rock Island is my guess as to a pattern. Best regards.

  11. Just off the plane, back home from Punta Cana and this great news makes my return a bit more cheerful !

  12. How does Vale compare to BT Plains? I have 3 skeins of Plains in my stash, and might be tempted to mix the two into a single project.

  13. This looks beautiful. I can’t wait to start a project with it. I love you, Brooklyn Tweed!

  14. can’t wait to see and feel what you now call lace weight yarn and I already see my favorite color I love to knit Orenburg lace weight shawls , so I will certainly give VALE a try ,

  15. Okay, let me just hand over my wallet….love the colors that I have seem so far. A knitalong????be still my heart.

  16. Very exciting! Will there be patterns for lace weight cardigans or sweaters with this yarn? Will it be available on line on May 17 or at NYC stores?

  17. PLEASE demystify lace KNITTING for people….if they can knit, purl and count, They can knit lace!!
    After teaching my students to k and p comfortably and get their tension pretty consistent (that’s a lot of stockinette and garter to be boring) I give them a simple lace dishcloth….and they are hooked forever!!

  18. I. Want. Some. NOW!!! (I have very little patience when it comes to beautiful new yarns. LOL)

  19. I just finished a 5 page spreadsheet (a spreadsheet? aargh!?) for organizing my stash. I have vowed only to knit from my stash, and I have been doing a really good job of sticking to that vow.

    Until now. (happy sigh)

    I am recently a lace convert and I am absolutely thrilled by your new yarn. I cannot wait to see more of Vale, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Congrats, BT, on this new addition to your family.

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