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November 1st has been marked with a giant red circle on our calendar at BT HQ for what seems like an eternity – we’ve just been dying for this day to finally come! Why? Because today we get to introduce you to our little darling: LOFT.

She is the newest member of our US-grown yarn family, and we simply love her.

From the very first time I laid my hands on Shelter, in early 2009 – months before its public debut – I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect it would be to create a companion yarn in fingering weight. A light woolen-spun 2-ply is such a dreamy medium for lace and colorwork, especially for Wool Hounds like us (and likely, you too).

We weren’t surprised, either, to hear a steady stream of similar requests after Shelter’s official launch for that exact thing. We knew this yarn had potential to be a real stunner, so we took things slow, proceeding with caution and care (the way we like to do things around here). This one had to be just right.

Fast forward to today – 11 months since we began our first serious planning meeting with the mill in Harrisville – and it’s finally here. And what a journey it has been!

So what is Loft all about? From the outset we sought to design an ideal lightweight wool yarn for handknitters that looked and felt special. A yarn whose gently-spun nature mimicked the lightness and loft of handspun, and created stunning lace or stranded fabrics. We also dreamed of a substantial palette of stunning heathers worthy of serious Colorwork.

Our new color lineup boasts 32 carefully crafted dyed-in-the-wool shades – the original 17 from the Shelter palette, plus 15 newbies. The added colors were selected with our existing palette in mind; because each blend draws from the same 11 dyed solids, there is a cross-range coherence that makes the old colors pulse with new life.

Loft requires a slightly gentler touch than other yarns, but we think the results are so worth it. The lace fabrics it makes are so fluffy and light, they just beg to be cuddled, and the airy nature of the construction allows for a notable range of possible gauges. Loft can fluidly shift from dense fingering weight gauges like 9 spi in colorwork, on up to traditional sport weight gauges of 6 spi without losing fabric integrity – one of the hallmarks of true woolen-spun yarns, and as a design team, one of our favorite features (fabric variety!).

Each 50g hank packs a generous 275 yards, too – an added bonus for those of us who hate weaving in ends.

In celebration of Loft’s public release, our design team has put together an original collection to help introduce our shiny new treasures. We really indulged ourselves in lace (once you see the yarn, you’ll know why), but also threw in some colorwork and textured accessories, and even a pullover for good measure.

The best way to experience the collection and the new yarn is by viewing the Look Book – our biggest yet – which is bursting with  lush, Autumn-flavored photos, and plenty of info about the new undertaking. Just click on the cover below to view it in your browser. The patterns themselves are all available now for download.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support – it is the single reason that we are able to continue developing yarns and projects that truly inspire us, and bring us such joy in sharing.

Happy Lofting!

Very sincerely,
Jared and the BT Team

Resources: Loft yarn can be purchased online here. See The Loft Collection Look Book here. View all the designs from the collection on our website –including all pattern-specific information – here. See a list of our Flagship Retail Locations, each of which has the full palette of Loft in stock today.

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81 responses to “LOFT”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this since I was in Harrisville last January, and found a small ball of undyed fingering weight yarn on the counter, and knitted a little bit with it! I’m going to try to resist until I get back there again soon, so I can feel it as I’m buying it!

  2. So excited about this release! I have been on a major no-buy lately but as soon as I have a yarn budget again (January), I will be buying Shelter and Loft! I am so thrilled about this gorgeous palette and the work and history that really went into making both of these yarns happen.

  3. As a spinner who seems to knit more than she spins these days, I’m really excited to see these yarns become available…can’t wait ’til they arrive in my letterbox for swatching too!

  4. Okay…yes, the wool is gorgeous; yes, the patterns are fab; but personally, I think the best job belongs to whoever gets to name all those colours! What fun!

    I mean, “Blanket Fort”? I don’t even like purple, but I love that shade now because of the name!

    Congrats, Jared and Team…can’t wait to get some in the mail!

  5. Wow! Completely inspiring as usual. Your look book is just gorgeous, I can definitely see myself flipping through this online catalogue many more times before I’ve had my fill. Congrats!

  6. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really?! By the way I did feel and squeeze Shelter when I went to NYC for the day a few weeks ago..sadly I didn’t have enough to purchase, but now I do and THIS new yarn is what I will be splurging on.THANK YOU!

  7. Gorgeous yarn and an amazing collection. You all are incredible. I just tried to place an order for 4 skeins of LOFT and the server is down due to capacity. Congratulations 🙂

  8. Since this morning I look at the beautiful colors of the new yarnl.
    After hours of watching them I finally decide.
    I look forward to receiving yarns and the color chart.
    What beautiful colors to this day so gray.

  9. Congratulations! I’m a fingering weight yarn aficionado, so I’m super excited to try out this new yarn.

  10. I’m so excited about this yarn. I’ve been thinking about a fairisle vest design and this will work perfectly. I’ll be ordering some very soon.

  11. Beautiful book and yarn! Beautiful collection and the photos are very nice. Congratulations! But it’s will need a small trip in New Hampshire or order that on a web site for me because I’m from Montreal, Quebec.

  12. bonjour Jarod
    tricoteuse parsienne, débutante aux aiguilles, je tombe en amour pour la gamme “loft” et le modèle “Edie”; comment trouver la traduction en français; merci beaucoup 😉

  13. Incredible! The colors are dreamy, the patterns are inspiring. I can’t wait to start knitting.

    As a marketer, I am also really impressed with your product names and the dual meaning that each carries. Shelter and Loft. Really Awesome!

  14. Congratulations!! Loft looks gorgeous, and your new designs – so intriguing – can’t wait to work with it!!!

  15. a dream come true. and more colors too? you made my day, my winter, my year! Can’t wait to get my hands on this! The new patterns are stunning, want to make them all.

  16. Beautiful! It will be difficult to make a decision as to what yarn and what pattern–a rather pleasant dilemma!

  17. Wow! It looks magnificent from here. I (finally – I’m a tad slow) finished a wayfarer scarf in pumpernickel shelter and I’ve been trying to work out how I can justify getting another pile of shelter sent half way around the globe. Now I don’t have too, I can get some Loft instead!! The only problem now is working out which pattern…and which colour??

  18. I feel like it is Christmas and my birthday all in one. I must have put every pattern in my Ravelry queue. The yarn is, as expected, a work of art. Bravo, Bravo Bravo!!!

  19. Gorgeous. I love the nature of woolen spun handspun to be so warm yet so light, and it looks like Loft captures it in spirit and reality. Can’t wait to knit with some!

  20. What an absolutely beautiful online catalogue. The photography was esquisite. The yarns look beautiful.

  21. What an absolutely beautiful online catalogue. The photography was exquisite. For someone who loves the outdoors it was certainly inspiring! The yarns look beautiful.

  22. Hi.

    I received the new yarn, and it really feels fantastic.
    I am so looking forward to knit a shawl of this yarn.

    In the picture of the Weather Mittens, the girl wears a knitted jacket. Is this one of your products?
    I would love to buy the pattern for this jacket.



  23. that is one seriously gorgeous look book. very inspiring. whoever does your design is doing a great job!!

  24. Fabulous colors & very excited about working with the yarn after working with Shelter.

    Any chance you’ll expand the range of Shelter colors too?!

  25. Harrisville is such an awesome company. I’m pleased that you are supporting each other with these projects. I know I am not alone in wishing both you and the mill continued financial and artistic success in these difficult financial times as you bring us all so many wonderful fiber related products.

  26. I love all of these patterns, and would love to knit them. But purchasing them individually is not financially feasible for me. If, however, they were combined into an Ebook for a lower price, I would be more apt (as would others, I’m sure) , to purchase the whole set at once.

  27. Love the latest look book, loft collection II.
    Any chance it will be available in actual “book form” rather than the PDF??

  28. I love your yarn — I’ve bought lots and lots of Shelter and am still thinking about how to use the Loft. But can I say that I really miss your blog? Your pictures were so beautiful and I really enjoyed reading about your current projects. I hope that you are able to come back to it soon. I know you’ve been swamped with yarn work, though, and congratulations are certainly due on the success of the yarn!

  29. Wow, this is very exciting. Although there are companies who source from South America which provide amazing yarns, I’ve been perplexed by the lack of U.S. choices.

    I’m looking forward to trying your yarns! Thank you for committing to this project; it look gorgeous.

  30. Liat of KnitFreedom directed me to your site/blog. Thank you for making an all-American product – and beautiful, too. I look forward to knitting some up soon.

  31. Just read the interview with Liat on KnitFreedom, loved it! Love the photos, and I recently finished (and gifted) a Girasole that was THE highlight of my family’s holiday gift-giving. I’m so pleased to know your yarn is 100% US, I’m really really going to have to try LOFT.

  32. Loat at KnitFreedom sent me to your sit. The pix on this blogpost are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to cop a feel of the yarn 😉

  33. Just read the interview tih Liat on KnitFreedom and loved it. I enjoyed the story of the yarn, how you blend colors, and love the fact that it is made in the US. I will definitely have to try LOFT. Keep your patterns coming.

  34. These colors are amazing! As a shawl knitter, I’m always seeking out fingering, so I’m excited by all the possibilities of Loft! I also read your interview with Liat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I enjoyed reading the interview on knit-freedom as well as the post here about loft. I’m really curious to know what the difference is in woolen spun and worsted yarns are, and why you chose woolen spun? Thank you for giving us a great US product to support!

  36. I also enjoyed your interview w/ knit-freedom. Looking forward to picking colors in Loft for a fair isle sweater. Enjoyed the ‘Wool People ‘ projects too, very inspirational. Keep up the great work, we are looking forward to so much more.

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