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Pardon our silence… we’ve been busy this Winter! Our design studio has been a flurry of activity in recent months and we are happy to finally bring you some proof of that this morning!

Spring Thaw from the BT Design Team

Today we’re happy to introduce Spring Thaw: a collection of 17 designs for knitting from Winter to Spring.

When the three of us first started knocking around ideas for this group of patterns, colorwork was a unanimous source of inspiration for all. This was also our first chance to create a collection while having access to the full BT yarn palette from day one. Our initial run of Loft was in production in Harrisville as we completed most of the work for The Loft Collection (November ’11), so our color choices were limited, particularly for any multiple-color designing.

This time, though, we were free to explore and combine colors at will. And so we did.

Colorwork knitters, you’ll find plenty of projects here – both small and large – to keep your stranding fingers busy. That being said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a decent dose of cables, lace and stockinette too…

It was quite a mild Winter, especially here in the city. I think most of us are giving up hope for any 11th hour snowfall, especially now that the Spring blooms are beginning to peak through the soil. We thought a collection for this transitional time of year would be a fun idea, and while that was certainly a factor in our design process, we think many of these designs are great for year-round knitting!

We’ve created another of our digital Look Books to indulge you with extended photography of the designs – we hope you’ll steal a couple of minutes today to give it a look! Click “Expand” below to view full-screen in your browser, or click here to view on our web site. (Or maybe a PDF file to take along with you? That’s here.)

[issuu width=420 height=263 embedBackground=%23ffffff shareMenuEnabled=false showHtmlLink=false printButtonEnabled=false searchButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120312192457-1e6f249051c64e11aa496ac0f31334ca name=springthaw username=brooklyntweed tag=brooklyn%20tweed unit=px id=7e01aa97-ebf2-3fba-63e3-a311cd1bc329 v=2]

Though it’s warming outdoors a bit, we’re definitely still enjoying our evening knitting. A very happy Spring to everyone, with all our best!

Resources: All 17 patterns in the collection are available now as digital downloads on our web site here. Our Wyoming-grown wool yarns are available for purchase here. Download a free PDF version of the Look Book here.

The patterns in this collection were created by the members of our in-house Design Team: Jared Flood, Leila Raabe & Michele Wang. 

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32 responses to “Spring Thaw”

  1. I’m in love–with the understated colours, and with Quill and Exeter, especially. So glad I live in a cool climate and can take full advantage of your beautiful wool and designs.

  2. Wow…..and, at the same time, OH NO! More patterns to add to my never ending list of must knits, fabulous collection, the colourwork cardigan and inversion cardigan are destined to be hits with everyone on ravelry I’m sure!

    apology accepted on the silence! you’ve redeemed yourselves! hehe

  3. Any chance that some day you will do a texture version of BARRINGTON rather than a color work one? I love the shape and would absolutely buy a pattern… I just really dislike color work (blasphemy I know!)

  4. Another beautiful collection. Like Christmas in March!! Thank you so much! This is my kind of March Madness!!!

  5. wow! I want to make each and every one of these designs. what better way to spend the Ides of March than picking out yarn colors for these awesome patterns. well done, this has made my day.

  6. Beautiful! I already went to Ravelry and Favorited the Sweetgrass Cowl, Talon Throw, and Kildare. I’m always inspired by your lovely designs, clean lines, and earthy colors – and lots of cables.

    Still hoping you start designing socks some day…and maybe a sock yarn line? 🙂

  7. Always gorgeous. Design, color, presentation. You’re ‘da bomb’! I currently have a Brooklyn Tweed pattern on my needles and another in the wings, and now these? Can’t decide, can’t decide! It’s a glorious, never-ending yellow brick road of awesomeness.

    Thank you for your continued inspiration. Hats off to you!

  8. Oh my… I’m in love with most of the patterns from this collection. Too bad I still have 4 WIPs to finish but then I’ll definitely cast on the seasons hat, quill and probably oslo, though I’m not a fan of colorwork (it’s tedious but it looks gorgeous!)

  9. I live on the West Coast of Canada. I don’t know how it’s possible that 5000 km away your esthetic is so pleasing to me. I love your work.

  10. Beautiful! Coincidentally, I am taking a colorwork class today. Just in time to start one of your new patterns.

  11. Wow, this is just stellar. I usually really appreciate your patterns, but there something about this colorwork that had me lusting after practially every single piece, especially with the icelandic kick I’ve been on lately!

    I bow in the dust as you sement your position in the heaven of knitting stars.

  12. These patterns are just beautiful!!! The construction, the stitches, the colors, I love everything!!!
    Congratulations on such a lovely collection and a huge thank you!!! 🙂

  13. I have long admired your art from afar and I was so happy when Liat Gat interviewed you and posted it on her website (I also think Liat is the BEST there is out there for knitting advice and guidance – she has become my knitting guru!)

    I don’t really know how to define your work, although it obviously comes from someplace “noncommercial” – your heart, your passion, innate talent. Whatever you want to call it – thank you for sharing it with us!

    Best regards,


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