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10 Years Later: Cobblestone

19 Comments July 22, 2017


I did a double-take last month when someone on our team at BT Headquarters mentioned that we were coming up on the 10th anniversary of the Cobblestone Pullover, the first pattern I ever designed. Despite my initial feelings of surprise and disbelief, checking the calendar proved this fact to be true. It’s been a full decade since I cautiously put my toe in the water of pattern design, creating this comfortable sweater that now feels like an old friend and remains a staple in my closet.

With 3,084 knitted versions of the pattern on Ravelry today, I’ve had a great walk down memory lane checking out all the ways people have made this sweater!

To honor the day, we thought it would be fun to release a 10-year anniversary edition of the pattern featuring a fresh new version worked up in Shelter. It turned out to be quite a lovely marriage of pattern and yarn, so much so that I’m already thinking about how I can fold this cozy grey pullover into my wardrobe rotation when fall hits.

With our pattern update today, anyone who has already purchased a digital version of this pattern from Ravelry or BrooklynTweed.com will receive a free update in their downloads library.

I’m very humbled to take a moment today to think back on the earliest days of my design career and I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your continued support for my work over the past 10 years. I hope I’ll be at it for another 10!

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19 responses to “10 Years Later: Cobblestone”

  1. I ordered this colorway of Shelter the first day Shelter was announced and made a Cobblestone out of it- finished on december first 2010 and it is one of the mentioned 3084 knitted versions on ravelry!
    Finding Brooklyn Tweed on the web back in 2008-2009 was a bliss. Thank you , and happy anniversary!

  2. Cobblestone is one of those sweaters that will never age, it’s classic. I too hope you’ll be around another 10. Congratulations on your success.

  3. Love the sweater! Hope you last many more 10 years, you do such a great job, the design, the yarn, the photography, everything so beautiful. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations on your ten years. I continuously applaud you. Its a pleasure to support it. Here’s to wishing you another 10 and many more.

  5. Hi Jared,
    I’ve made this sweater for my son, Michael and he loved it!
    The truth is, I had to knit it twice. My first attempt was huge and I am not sure why.
    My pattern came from my copy of Interweave Knits from Fall 2007, a mag I still have.
    I would love an updated version of the pattern although I don’t meet your criteria.
    I posted a picture of Michael wearing it on my Ravelry projects page. My name for Rav is Knittingeeg.
    PS: I already get the newsletter.

  6. Hi Jared – Lynn here. Like Mary above – my copy of Cobblestone is the Interweave Knits version. Like Mary I still have the magazine (and I know where it is – a small miracle but I’ll take it). I, too, would like an updated version but I don’t meet your criteria either. Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary! My Rav name is 3PLynde. Thanks for reading this – have a nice rest of the summer.

  7. I’ve just discovered BT, and chose Cobblestone as my first order. Then I found this post, which pleased me. I was hoping for a channel to tell you how delightful it was to have come across your designs. I’ve been looking for men’s knitwear designers who would inspire confidence that the knitted garments would look good on modern men.

    Very well done; and keep up the good work. Looks like I’ll be a return customer for years to come.

  8. I just found this blog, and this anniversary post! Like the last few commenters above, I made several Cobblestones for my son, all beautiful and comfortable. I never went digital with the pattern, either, but I’ve posted project pictures of those and other BT designs on my Rav account, amaryllis. (My son recently graduated to a Hugo!) Thank you for your wonderful design work, past and ongoing.

  9. This post popped up on my feed again, and I had to comment again. The Cobblestone I knit my husband years ago is now my son’s. Out of nowhere he wanted to take it back to school with him at the end of semester break of his first year of college. Warmed my heart so!

  10. Jared, now that Knit-Purl has (sob!) closed its doors, will you be selling your yarns anywhere else in Portland?

  11. Hello, 

    Thank you for your question. We have 2 wonderful stockists in the Portland Area; Twisted in NE Portland and Knitting Bee in Beaverton.

    Jamie Maccarthy | BT Customer Service

  12. The Cobblestone Pullover was the first sweater, that I had found on Ravelry, that made me say, “I must knit that sweater as my first one!” I did knit one, it is on my Ravelry profile under AntBee. It’s just that it turned into the second sweater I knit, as I had taken it upon myself to do a test-knit for a designer, who had just converted a boys’ sweater, into men’s sizes. That sweater turned out very well, but I was a bit ashamed not to have done The Cobblestone as my first. I felt as if I had let, the simplistic beauty of the sweater, down somehow. Even Jared, and he does not even know me! LOL! As soon as I was done with the test-knit sweater (I made the pattern page BTW), I quickly, for me anyway, got started on The Cobblestone. I, and it, were very pleased to finally be in sync.
    Jared has gone on to start an empire, just from his love of knitting, and I admire him greatly for it. I love the simplicity of his garments, even though the work can be a bit trying (hello, Koolhaas!). The point I am trying to make is, 10 years ago, going from designing a simply beautiful sweater, to being a major player in the knitting world, is a very big accomplishment, and I am proud to know (shh! sometimes say) that I have been a fan/pattern saver/buyer of Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood from the start.
    I truly wish you far more success, Jared, and of course you will be here in another 10 years and then some!

  13. The cobblestone pullover was the first pattern I viewed on your website. I remember thinking how beautiful it was. As well as, how beautiful the photography was. Your website has increased with creativity, artistry, and talent throughout the years. Not just that, you continue to share your platform with other artist. After a long work day I relax with your website and the most comforting feeling comes over me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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