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0 Comments November 11, 2005

SHEDIR IS COMPLETE!! i will take pictures of it this weekend to post. it looks GREAT and fits nice and snug. i’m so proud of the end product – lots of work and it really paid off. last night was an exciting race against the clock as my obsessive finishing compulsion kept me up into the wee hours, despite my knowledge of the alarm that was set for 7am this morning…. totally worth the loss of sleep.

i’ve been pumping out the hats like nobody’s business – the christmas gift pile is growing. here’s a little inventory:

* * *

shedir cable cap :: rowan calmer [coffee]
seed stitch earflap hat :: malabrigo worsted merino [sealing wax]
prospect park striped cap :: aurora 8 [brown and burnt orange]
lamb’s pride stocking cap (2) :: lamb’s pride [various colors]
bulky marino cozy cap :: malabrigo bulky merino [pearl]
fighead cabled cap :: malabrigo worsted merino [sunset]
multi-direcional hat with brim (from knit.1 magazine) :: cashmere blend

* * *
i’m hoping to have a grandiose photo shoot with all the hats on parade… my roommate has some fake heads which i may use to model the pieces. we’ll see. until then, i’ll be knitting away on these! happy knitting weekend to all!
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