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Hello and welcome! I'm a knitter, photographer, designer and the creative director at Brooklyn Tweed. I use this notebook as a space to record inspiration and write about my creative work both inside and outside of BT. Thanks for reading, and don't be a stranger—I love hearing from you!

0 Comments November 30, 2005

hi! how was the holdiay for you all? did everyone get a bunch of knitting done like i did? holiday knitting is hard to beat.
i ended up teaching 3 people how to knit over thanksgiving and i think they all took to it really well! my brothers girlfriend caved after two days of my mom and i participating in knit-speak and parading around in our hand-knit garments. ha.

so here is a quick summary of what i’m up to:

* i finished an original earflap hat pattern that turned out really great.
* i pumped out a GREAT scarf for my good friend emily. big, chunky and thick
with a great splay of stripes
* started making some ornaments for the tree (mini-sweaters from weekend knitting)

i’m starting a few more projects in (what feels like a futile) attempt to finish everyone’s christmas gifts. i think i have about 5 more projects… maybe more. i’m sort of ignoring that issue.

OH and here’s something that really made my day:
knock yourself out! i know i will…
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