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Baby Surprise Jacket

5 Comments June 25, 2007

Among the numerous and frequent moments of epiphany, gratitude and sheer awe inspired in each knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann, none, I believe, is as poignant as the one experienced when you fold together your first BSJ.

Baby Surprise Jacket

Pattern: (the infamous) Baby Surprise Jacket
Author: Elizabeth Zimmermann
Source: The Opinionated Knitter, Knitting Workshop
Gauge: 5 sts per inch
Materials: Hello Yarn Handspun 2-Ply
Colors: “Trodden” and “Hunkered
Amount: 5.3 ounces/306 yds
Buttons: 5 Iridescent Shell buttons from M&J Trimming in midtown Manhattan; Five


Finished Measurements: 18.5″ Chest (Buttoned), 19″ from cuff to cuff, 11.5″ Height

Started: 7 June 2007
Finished: 9 June 2007
(Buttons Added 17 June 2007)


Baby Surprise Jacket (Back Detail)

I did this one pretty much exactly by the book – no modifications. I familiarized myself as best I could with just exactly what is going on with this pattern, and while I felt I was able to grasp the concept well enough – you really don’t get it until you do it. And do it again. This one is addictive!

Baby Surprise Jacket

Aside from the inspired pattern, joining it with such a special yarn really made this experience priceless. I knit this on the train ride up to Rhinebeck a few weekends ago. With the Hudson gliding by outside my window, I had one of those elevated knitting moments where everything comes together a little too well.

Baby Surprise Jacket (Button Detail)

The buttons were a perfect match – they’re shell buttons that reflect all the blues and purples of Adrian’s handspun. I originally planned on something a little more earthy, but when I saw these I changed my mind. I default to wood buttons too often anyway.

Baby Surprise Jacket

I’m stating the obvious, but this one gets a big, fat stamp of approval from me. I’ve already started scheming future versions from some of my more exciting stash bits.

We’re headed out to the Oregon Coast to camp for the next few days (!!!) so I’ll be away from e-mail. Despite being on vacation, I did recognize that this morning is Monday, which is usually not fun at all – I hope this little BSJ Offering rounds out the edges of the week jolting you back into reality. Happy Knitting!

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5 responses to “Baby Surprise Jacket”

  1. Hi. I have a question about the Baby Surprise Jacket. Would it be easy to add a hood to it and do you think it would look good or is it better to leave as is.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

  2. Yours is the most beautiful of the BSJs that I have seen. I began my research after seeing a crochet version that was very cute. I’ve since browsed hundreds of photos looking for inspiration. Your yarn and buttons are perfection. I’m intrigued with those amazing buttons. There is nothing in my part of Texas but plastic buttons for sale and I am nauseated by them. Please, would you tell me where to find gorgeous buttons like these?

  3. I’m trying to follow the pattern but have some questions. First when it says 5 ridges, does it mean 10 rows of garter? Then it says add 9 sts (k3,m1) across end sections. However it’s doesn’t work for me. I either am reading this incorrectly or have too many sts at the ends. Any help will be appreciated.

  4. Hello Deb, Thank you for your comment. The Baby Surprise Jacket is not a Brooklyn Tweed pattern and as such I’m not sure that we would be the most helpful in speaking to it. That said, the designer of this pattern is Elizabeth Zimmermann so you might want to have a look at her website here: http://www.schoolhousepress.com/. I imagine that you will be able find an answer to your query if you contact their pattern support specialists. All the best, Jamie | BT Customer Service

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