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Hello and welcome! I'm a knitter, photographer, designer and the creative director at Brooklyn Tweed. I use this notebook as a space to record inspiration and write about my creative work both inside and outside of BT. Thanks for reading, and don't be a stranger—I love hearing from you!

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0 Comments November 23, 2005

i finished the ganomy hat and its looks pretty great. i haven’t had a chance for photos because of my frantic preparation for thanksgiving. i’m leaving for home this afternoon. since i’m flying all the way to seattle, i am hoping that they let me bring my needles on the plane, dammit! i always get crap for my needles at security because i’m a guy… which makes me a “suspicious candidate” for carrying knitting. grrr…. don’t get me started.

anyway, i’ll post pics when i get home next week. oh yes, and i’m finally closing in on my raglan. i’ve finished the sleeves (after frogging about 3 times each) – finally got the right width, shaping and length (i was making it up as i went so it took me a few tries.) i’m just finishing about 1.5 inches on the body and then it’ll all be done and i’ll be wearing it all over.

happy thanksgiving to all. brooklyn tweed is officially on holiday. see you all next monday.

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