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Chunky Merino Throw

23 Comments January 04, 2009

As I said before, it’s kinda like the perfect project for people who love swatching, since that’s basically what it is. Introducing my Lace Swatch on Steroids.

Merino Chunky Throw

Pattern: Lacy Chunky Throw by Wenlan Chia
Source: Classic Elite WebLetter #63
Materials: Twinkle “Soft Chunky”; 7 skeins in “Mink”
Needles: 42″ Circulars in size US 17 (Broomsticks!)
Dimensions: appox. 54″ x 40″

Started: November 2008
Finished: December 2008

Merino Chunky Throw

I just realized that, with the exception of a few last minute Christmas hats, this beast rounds out my finished work for 2008. And let me take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year – I think 2009 is going to be a good one.

Merino Chunky Throw

This was intended to be a quick knit to beef up the winter home lineup, since it’s been a cold one this year (which I love!) – and it was relatively quick, although not as quick as I had planned because knitting with broomsticks is a bit hard on the hands after a while. Speaking of broomsticks, the pattern calls for size 19 circulars, which I don’t have, so I just used my 17’s. I figured I’d knit a bit looser anyway, given the circumstances with this gigantic yarn.

Merino Chunky Throw

I had one extra skein of yarn than the pattern required (I had 7, the pattern requests 6), so I cast on 80 stitchess rather than the 76 called for. With a few added stitches, an extra skein and slightly smaller needles, my finished blanket came out just slightly bigger than the projected dimensions. Big enough to get under comfortably, but not huge – which is a good thing, cause it’s on the heavier side, despite the very open lacework (yarn overs every other stitch, every row).

Merino Chunky Throw

I really love the color – it’s almost silvery in the way it catches light. The yarn is super bulky, short stapled, and has a low-twist which means it fuzzes a lot…. but it’s so soft that I just didn’t even care. Yarn this thick becomes truly sculptural, which I enjoy profusely, so all in all, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Merino Chunky Throw

The pattern is free, so if you happen to have a bunch of this yarn lying around, it could be just the thing. I think blankets and throws rather than garments are better suited to super-bulky yarns personally, but I’m easily suffocated in excessively heavy sweaters.

Merino Chunky Throw

I hope you’re all recovering well from the holiday period. I’m taking a much needed respite in chilly Portland, OR this week and reorganizing my life after a crazy couple of months. Enjoy the new year we’ve been given and as always, keep knitting!

PS Just cause I know some of you will be wondering – the sweater in the photos isn’t handknit. It’s just a reeeaally good thrift store find! Huzzah!

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23 responses to “Chunky Merino Throw”

  1. I love this stitch. I have just learned to knit and would love to know how to make this throw. Please send
    me some instructions. What is the name of the stitch?

  2. My son is allergic to the wool. I thought I would use worsted weight cotton. If I reduce the needle size to a 13, cast on 100 and use two strands would that work? He is going off to college and I this pattern would be great for his dorm. Thanks for any suggests.

  3. Hello Betty, To make a garment with the same look as pictured here, a good substitution would be a super bulky that knits up at 8sts per 4 inches (or is 5-6 wpi (wraps per inch)). Doubling a worsted weight yarn could certainly work, too — you may just end up with a different gauge, which will affect the look of the overall piece and its finished size. Swatching first would be my suggestion, to see how the resulting pattern size may be affected by your yarn choice and needle size. Does that help? Jen and the Brooklyn Tweed team

  4. Hi! I was wondering if you knew what the crochet version of this would be? A friend of mine really likes this look (as do I) and I’d love to make it for her, but I’m having trouble finding something with a crochet stitch. thanks!! ~Angie

  5. Hello Angie, Thanks for writing. I’m afraid I do not know a crochet stitch that would be a good comparable stitch to the pattern. Perhaps one of the crochet groups on Ravelry might be of help? All the best, Jen Hurley | BT Customer Service

  6. Please be so kind as to inform me how I acquire the pattern for the Chunky Merino Throw/Lacy Chunky Throw – I seem to have been all over your site & simply am not able to find it at all.

    Many thanks


  7. Hello Kathy! The pattern source is listed at the top of the post. The pattern is from the Classic Elite WebLetter #63, found here. Hope that helps! All the best,
    Jen | BT Customer Service

  8. Hello Mary! The pattern is from the Classic Elite WebLetter #63, found here. Hope that helps! All the best,
    Jen | BT Customer Service

  9. Would this work with Lion Brand Hometown bulky yarn? It’s an acrylic and really soft and luxurious.

  10. Bonjour, goede dag,

    Sir, I’m from Belgium and I’ve been looking for a great pattern for 1 year now and here it is :-). Thank you so so very much for charring your stories with the world. I hope I can send you a picture once mine is finished.

    Merci beaucoup, dank u wel,


  11. Goede dag Martine, Thank you for writing. Please do share a photo of your blanket when you are finished, we would love to see it. All the best, Jen | BT Customer Service | info (at) brooklyntweed (dot) com

  12. Hello Sabah, I’m sure this pattern would make a great baby blanket. We find wool suitable for people of all ages, but you may want to make sure that the baby you’re knitting for doesn’t have any wool allergies. All the best, Jamie | BT Customer service

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