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Finished Objects!

0 Comments November 14, 2005

two of my favorite hats that i’ve recently completed: my prospect park inspired striped hat and Shedir from knitty.com

Shedir Cap

  • materials: rowan calmer in “coffee bean”
  • knit using US 3 16″ Circular Needle and dpn’s
  • pattern: knitty.com

Prospect Park Striped Hat

  • materials :: karabella aurora 8 in “rust” (color 16) and “brown” (color 6)
  • knit using US 6 16″ Circular Needle and dpn’s
  • pattern: my own

laying dormant on the window sill…..

and IN ACTION!!!

and look how great the tops look (especially shedir… how great is that?!)

there is a whole host of hats in my living room waiting to be photographed, but these two were the pioneers. i wanted to show them off first. also… many of the others are gifts, so i may not post them all until after christmas. these two, however…… all mine.

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