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Hello and welcome! I'm a knitter, photographer, designer and the creative director at Brooklyn Tweed. I use this notebook as a space to record inspiration and write about my creative work both inside and outside of BT. Thanks for reading, and don't be a stranger—I love hearing from you!

His & Hers

11 Comments May 18, 2015

I’m super excited to be able to offer Oshima now as a pattern for both men and women. Of all my past designs, this is one that I’ve most often wished I could wear myself…


I don’t think I’ll ever tire of playing with Brioche stitch—its beautiful definition and “squishiness” make it so fun to knit and to wear. Elizabeth Zimmermann lovingly referred to Brioche stitch as “Prime Rib”—I can’t think of a better nickname for such a juicy stitch pattern, can you?

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11 responses to “His & Hers”

  1. I just love your concept and your male sweater designs.
    First discovered your company today, by accessing yarn information, via Ravelry.
    Love what you are doing with this company, hope to visit more frequently and for sure would love to purchase yarn made entirely in the USA, yeah!

  2. I am visiting Portland next week. From what I read you do not have a storefront (Knit Purl is your sales Front?). I am 61 yo, retired, love textiles and love learning about the processes. Do you ever allow visitors? I want yarn making field trip!

  3. I’m trying to reset my password, but can’t get an answer back from you after hitting the reset password box?????????????

  4. I love brioche or the Dutch “patent steek”, but have always a hard time to get a fallen stitch back in place, once fallen, you can more or less take everything out. Finally mastered the decreasing and increasing. Also when your work is done it sometimes not draping well due to the looseness of the brioche. Knitting in the round with brioche is another ‘sometimes” debacle. Love your designs, they are completely to my taste.

  5. I knitted BOLT and CORBARA – love your designs and Brooklyn tweed.
    I am quite an experienced knitter and used to teaching.

    Would you be interested in the following:
    When knitting CORBARA l thought out a much simpler explanation ( with diagram) of the the rather ‘foggy’ present one.
    Would you swop this for the Brooklyn tweed to knit another of your wonderful garments?

    Best wishes

  6. Hi! I loved the first Oshima and always wanted to knit it up but without the cowl. Behold, the Oshima (for him) with a collar more to my taste! I’m a petite female, which pattern should I follow? Thanks!

  7. Hello Sarah, Oh my- thank you for bringing this spelling error to our attention. We have updated the spelling in the notebook entry. All the best, Christina | BT Customer Service

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