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A History of Art

32 Comments January 26, 2015


My very talented cousin, Craig Flood, is a videographer in Portland, Oregon. Back in November, he was visiting NYC and staying with me as a houseguest during photoshoot week for our Winter collection (coming tomorrow—so excited!). When I began telling him about the concept for the art history-inspired shoot I was working on for the collection, he thought it sounded like the perfect subject for a video story—and so we decided to do a cousin collaboration!

Craig tagged along with me on the days leading up to the shoot and captured a nice look at the process involved in weaving it all together.

I’ve had the idea of doing a collection of designs inspired by art historical references for years. I loved the idea of bringing my post-academia love of art history together with our work at Brooklyn Tweed in some way. In college I spent 9 months abroad in Rome studying art history and fell in love with the lighting and composition of paintings from the Baroque period, especially those of the Dutch Masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt. I thought it would be a fun creative challenge to create imagery inspired by this genre of painting for a knitwear collection, and to use art historical references as a springboard for our designers to begin concepts for their garments. Last November, when our Design Team convened in NYC for our regular design retreat, we took a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to gather inspiration for some of our newest patterns in the Winter 15 collection.

Craig’s video is a nice glimpse into our process for putting a shoot together; I hope you enjoy it! (I’m much more comfortable behind the camera—leave it to my little cousin to get me to sit for an interview!)

A huge thanks to Craig for making this beautiful video and enhancing my own creative journey on this project!

And of course, stay tuned for the new collection tomorrow morning! (You’ll get an early peek at the designs in our “History of Art” story at the end of the video.)


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32 responses to “A History of Art”

  1. this is just stunning, jared. your work continues to be one of the greatest inspirations in my life. thank you for your contributions to this community.

  2. I don’t knit, but I know someone who does! (She sent me to this video.) This is superb work. Thank you.

  3. So beautiful and alluring ♥
    You have even done a great job before the camera. 😉
    All your collections and lookbooks are like keys, to open knitters hearts, worldwide!
    I´m looking forward to tomorrow.

  4. wow!,, your intention and vision are such a gift to us as artists, knitters and everyman. Thank you. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

  5. I love that you think about every element of the theme. Beautiful. And it looks like you are going to make me cast on a couple of new things tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!!

  6. Wonderful video. Lush colors. Marvelously creative designs…as always. Loved hearing about the process and the use of rich, natural colors in the yarns and the props

  7. Genius! Pure genius! To consider a lofty idea and commit to it…that’s what Jared and the Brooklyn Tweed team have done. You created 21st c. wearable art and displayed it as did the masters. An impactful, intriguing, intelligent presentation. Bravo!

  8. Thank you for helping to keep this traditional practical art form alive and well. Knitting is one of those elements of humanness that has managed to persevere in a world that is sliding father and farther away from what it means to be human. The more knitters the better, and the more hand-knitted wear the better—but it begins with inspiration and design. I love that this collection is inspired by classic art, the truly beautiful art. I will continue to move my hands and needles and clothe myself, my family, and my friends in classic knitted works that will last for generations. To humanity and to tradition!

  9. You are like spending a day at the art museum, but for knitters. I love, love, love your style, your process, your quality, your passion. Thank you.

  10. Beautiful video. I love seeing what goes into staging and presenting the works of art your designers are offering to the knitter. The presentation adds to the nuances of these garments. Thank you for sharing that with us. Thanks to your cousin, too!

  11. Elegant ! What more can I say. Come to Lofoten in Northern-Norway next time to get inspired. I would love to see what you are able to create from life here. And even get a closer look into our knitting tradition .

  12. Wow … talent runs in the family. Seriously beautiful video. Loved every second of it and love this collection even more now.

    I am an avid knitter, but I am also a painter by profession, and you are a constant source of inspiration on countless levels, Jared.

  13. Just when you think you’ve seen beautiful, you up the ante to even more beautiful!

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