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Permafrost Revisited

8 Comments August 09, 2017


Our BT Summer of Lace Knitalong has been a great motivator for me to finish up a couple of lace projects that have been laying low in forgotten places for an embarrassing amount of time (cough — years). The brawniest offender was a worsted-weight Permafrost Shawl that I cast on nearly five years ago!



I’m very happy to say that she’s finally finished and — thank you, Wool — she looks just as good as she did when we began our journey together. She’s tagged along with me through multiple cities and on more moves than I care to mention, taking up final residence on my knitting chair here in Portland… the last place I’d have guessed she’d end up when I cast on that small circle of stitches so many years ago.



That’s one of the things I love most about knitting  — the layers of memory and meaning that get stitched in, especially on monumental projects that span so many months, years, faces, and phases.



Project Specs

Pattern: Permafrost shawl, originally designed and knit for the launch of Loft in 2012

Yarn: Shelter in color “Fossil” — the design took beautifully to a light and woolly worsted-weight

Needles: 5 mm (US 8)

Skeins Knit: 11; my finished shawl clocked in at about 515 total grams and measures 64″ in diameter after blocking



I’ve loved seeing all the lace that’s being knit this summer and am happy to be able to share some of my own knitting as well from the #BTLaceKAL17. Thanks to all of those who have participated!

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8 responses to “Permafrost Revisited”

  1. 5 years unfinished and you finished it now? Bravo to you. How do you keep track of we’re you ended?, I think I would have gave up. It’s absolutely beautiful 💕.

  2. Yes…I finished one of THOSE projects early this summer…JOSEPHINE by Myrna Stahman in Qiviut and edged with cashmere…great take-along for travels, the movies, seeing my son off to Navy Boot Camp…already used it more than I thought I would. I put it down bc the edging (from Sharon Harris) was not clicking…but this time idk…I edged 3/4 of that shawl in two days.

  3. I read this post and feel the same way about my Girasole. Thanks for sharing that UFOs happen to everyone.

  4. I’m a new knitter yet old soul. I am in awe of your talent. It’s inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Just lovely.

  5. Hello Jared, I love your Sock Monkey Shawl pattern but am interested to know if it is available in adult sizes.
    Please let me know how I can acquire a copy.

    Many thanks,
    Nicky Scott

  6. You inspire me to dig out some unfinished projects and get down to serious work, especially on a day when snow is blowing outside. I have to say, however, that none of these include BT attempts……your patterns are always challenging, but so wonderful when completed that I am never bored, and am half-way through my 7th Wheaten as we speak. Maybe boredom is the reason why these UFO’s remain UFO???

  7. I wish you were in need of a (slightly) older sister! Your creations are simply breathtaking. As I was browsing through patterns the other day, I kept wondering, “Who is this Jared who’s designed all these terrific hats?” I just love all your patterns and hope to someday tackle one. My skills are still very basic, so I am taking projects in Baby Steps. Keep doing what you do – you’re doing an AMAZING job.

    Thank you for making this website/blog a wonderfully tempting, inspiring, drooling place for my knitting dreams to settle on. Happy New Year!


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