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Red Light Special

0 Comments December 04, 2006

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Turns out there is life outside of knitting…… who knew? I was teasing you before with a little taste of my hat – I guess after 11 days you deserve a little bit more information.

Red Light Special

Pattern: My Own
Materials: KnitPicks ‘Telemark‘ (1 of each – Chestnut, Aubergine, Bayberry and Poppy)
Needles: US 7 Addi Turbo Circs
Total Cost: $7.96 + SH

start Date Mid October 2006 | finish Date Mid November 2006

I used a pretty basic Norwegian Hat Template, chose colors I liked and did my best to fit in the motif of my choosing and size it for XL noggin. Nothing much sophisticated about it, but I love how it turned out, and the fit is virtually perfect.
The hat is lined with a bit of Aurora 8 – this was trickery to get the numbers to match up, Aurora 8 is considerably heavier than Telemark. But I had it in my stash, and it’s too soft not to use for a purpose such as this. I will recommend using a similar weight lining-yarn for simplicity’s sake, but this worked for me. I included a shot of the innards, just for all the knitters out there (you can see the merino lining around the base).

Red Light Innards

I’m putting together a pattern write-up for this because many of you have expressed interest. I’ll be tweaking it a little from the hat you see here. Both to get the bugs out and also resize it for a normal head (My roommate tried it on and was swimming).

It keeps my ears warm, thank god – NYC is frigid today.

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