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The Juneberry Triangle

88 Comments April 23, 2010

I’m so happy to share with you a new lace design that was published this week — I’ve been itching to show you photos ever since I finished it in January. I designed this lace triangle for Veronik’s second issue of St. Denis Magazine and got another chance to use her lovely wool Nordique.

Juneberry Triangle
I love yarns that sport rich, full palettes and Nordique sure delivers where color is concerned. In the dead of winter, when nights seemed endless and I had woolly lace on the brain, this amazingly rich burgundy was the perfect inspiration and spurred many long winter evenings of lace knitting.
Juneberry Triangle
At the time, I was feeling particularly scrappy and wanted to design a lace project that would give me a good challenge to sink my teeth into. What resulted is a piece that is not for the faint of heart! The majority of the lace motifs are true knitted lace in the traditional sense, meaning that the patterning falls on every row (both RS and WS), with no free stockinette rows in between.
Juneberry Triangle
Because the triangle is knit flat (back and forth) and patterned on both sides, it requires a bit more concentration than your average lace project and does involve getting familiar with directional decreasing from the Wrong Side (Slip, Slip, Purl & Purl 2 Together), but if you’re up for a challenge this one is for you!
Juneberry Triangle
The magazine is a wonderful issue and full of designs from some of my favorite designers — be sure to check out some of the other patterns from this issue on Ravelry here. To look up project details just for the Juneberry Triangle, click here.
Juneberry Triangle
Veronik has also already knit a stunning version of the same pattern in her new, lighter-weight yarn Boreale that is fantastic! How wonderful it is to knit lace in a variety of different gauges and yarn constructions. The Nordique version is warm and woolly with a more substantial ‘fabric’ feel. From what I can tell of the ice blue Boreal version, it’s delicate, feather-light lace at its finest!
Juneberry Triangle
The triangle is finished with a wide, traditional knitted-on edging in place of a conventional bind-off to keep every part of the fabric equally elastic and to provide some directional contrast.
Juneberry Triangle
Juneberry continues my nostalgic fascination with bobbles… this was an experimentation in bobble-laden lace patterns and has a very berry-like texture as a result. I think it feels sophisticated while remaining fun and playful at the same time. I hope you enjoy it!
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88 responses to “The Juneberry Triangle”

  1. Wow–I'm very impressed! The texture is amazing. Not sure if I'm quite to that speed with my lace knitting yet, but now I'm definitely going to check out the rest of the magazine!

  2. Everything about this triangle is lovely, but I especially love the color with the lace. It's a great red. The wiggly motif (I don't know what it's called) is really fun, and the bobbles are a perfect touch. Do want

  3. Wow, this is absolutely stunning! I especially love the bobbles in the edging. Once I'm ready for some thought-requiring lace (lately it's been basic knits around these parts), this is definitely going on my needles. This, and the Willoughby pattern currently in hibernation :).

  4. Okay, you totally and completely freak me out! Seriously, how does your brain work? This is so stunning!
    BTW, I was at Hopkins High School on Saturday hoping to see you, but alas, you were teaching a class. 🙁

  5. this is gorgeous; i love the combination of motifs. what i can't figure out is how to get my hands on this magazine; is it orderable online or must i hope that my LYS carries it?

  6. This is insanely beautiful. I'm definitely not up to it at this point, as I've never attempted any lace, but it really is gorgeous. You've outdone yourself with this one, I think.

  7. That is simply stunning. An elegant piece. Don't know if I'm up to it. But it's tempting to try something so scrumptious.

  8. stunning. wow! I love the transitions from one lace to the other. They work so well together. I haven't seen a shawl that is so pleasing in a while. Congratulations!

  9. Great choice of color. Perfect match with this lovely pattern. The piece is romantic but still bold and modern. Love it!

    ps.: You must have magic dust hidden somewhere in your apartment… how do you concentrate for a pattern like this? Oh boy… you really rock.

  10. I've been making a lot of shawls lately and this one is absolutely beautiful! want to make this one too!!!

  11. It's stunning…and everything else that has been said …double! It's way beyond any lace I've done, but have to try it!

  12. This is so lovely.. I think I'll have to find an option to purchase a copy of the magazine. And complicated pattern on both sides of the fabric sounds like I have to try it out 😀

  13. OMG it's so beautiful! I literally just finished my first lace project (a doily that's blocking as we speak) and I have a hemlock on the needles, but I think I'll have to work up to this beauty. That border is amazing!

  14. Stunning, absolutely stunning.

    For the first time in my (rather long) life I find myself actually considering knitting BOBBLES! Nay, WANTING to knit bobbles!!

    How on earth did you manage to get bobbles into a design without making it appear ugly? :-p

    Wondering if the pattern book is available in the UK…

  15. OH! It's just lovely! Beautiful lace stitch patterns and the perfect yarn for great drape.
    Gotta go and get this issue of St. Denis!

  16. It makes me think of a Czarina wearing this over a hunting jacket riding to someplace in Russa. Simply stunning. You are blessed with a wonderful gift, Jared, and an inspiration to me.

  17. WOW! Another amazing design. Where can I get my hands on the magazine?
    Seattle Knitters Guild

  18. It's gorgeous! I wonder if there is any way for someone living outside of North America to acquire a copy of this magazine.

  19. Definitely one of my favorites among your creations. Me successfully knitting this pattern is about as realistic as recreating the Easter Island statues, but I aspire to this. Bravo.

  20. Beautiful! And especially meaningful after the class I took with you this past weekend. Thanks again, your class was wonderful, I enjoyed it so much.


  21. Take my breath awaaaaaay – I'm looking for a new project, though, I'm not 100% sure I'm awesome enough for this one =)

  22. Omgosh, that is breathtaking!! What a perfect marriage ofyarn and pattern…gotta make this one!

  23. utterly ravishing. The inside of your knitting brain must be quite something. (i'm picturing something like a knitted narnia…)

  24. OMG! This is the gorgeous thing have ever seen! You're the Knitting King, seriously!!!! I loooove this shawl!
    COngratulations for being sooooo talented!!!

  25. You just sold another copy of the St. Denis magazine. Evidently we have similar tastes, because I love the leaf pattern, the bobbles, and the knitted lace challenge.

    Recently I knitted your Bridgewater in Handmaiden Ivory Sea Silk, and it has garnered no end of compliments! Don't ever stop designing. 🙂

  26. I'm deeply in love with it. I wish I were a faster lace knitter, because I want one NOW! But that exalted level of pretty is worth the extra effort.

  27. Such a gorgeous piece! It's really interesting how using a different yarn can make such a different look (comparing the blue lacey light thing to this more substantial red warmth) and feel.

  28. Your Juneberry is wonderfull
    Do you think it will be possible to purchase the pattern or the magazine in France ?

  29. This is so stunning, I like how substantial the knitted fabric is as a result of your choice of yarn.

  30. I love how vibrant this shawl looks, ornate and beautiful. It also doesn't hurt that it is in one of my favorite colors!

  31. It has already been said, but:
    You've outdone yourself, Mr. Flood.

    This is truly a museum-quality piece of textile art. While I may never knit it myself (it almost hurts my brain just to try to understand the pattern visually), I will certainly be inspired by it for a long time.


  32. Jared that is just gorgeous. I am going to put that on my to-do winter knitting.

    It was great meeting you in St. Louis, I so enjoyed your class and got a lot out of it. I am ready to start doing a sweater.


  33. Jared that is just gorgeous. I am going to put that on my to-do winter knitting.

    It was great meeting you in St. Louis, I so enjoyed your class and got a lot out of it. I am ready to start doing a sweater.


  34. Jared, you continue to stun and amaze not only with yer phabulous photographs, but also yer color choice and knitting! I was hoping to knoit something else this summer and now….I'ma have to make this. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  35. This shawl has awesome texture! I love the baubles! I have put this in my favorites on Ravelry, and intend to knit it someday in the future after getting a little more experience. My Mom and I love following your work!

  36. the shawl is gorgeous, and I was able to order the new St. Denis book from Jimmy Beans' Wool. Vacation is coming and to be honest lace is calling me!

  37. […] When Sasha and I were visiting his family over last Christmas, we of course went yarn shopping and I scored some ruby red Wagtail Yarns Fine Kid Mohair. I originally planned to make the Willoughby scarf from Brooklyntweed’s Made in Brooklyn, but once I started knitting that pattern, I realized the mohair wasn’t the right yarn for it – the bobbles weren’t anywhere close to full enough! So I decided to save that pattern for later and use the Wagtail yarn for a different Brooklyntweed pattern – the Juneberry triangle shawl. […]

  38. One of the most beautiful artistic expression in textiles that I have seen. I visit the photography often of the Juneberry. There is so much talent in this piece of artwork. It seems so effortless on the part of the artist. Just beautiful. So many of your textiles are like this. The photography is also a display of beautiful talent. You have a gift in art world.

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