Our Mission

At Brooklyn Tweed we are passionate about wool, knitting and design. We develop and manufacture breed-specific yarns that support domestic textile production—designing, sourcing, dyeing and spinning our yarns within the USA. Our design team is committed to producing high-quality, sophisticated knitwear patterns for the modern handknitter, specially tailored for the wool yarns we create.

Brooklyn Tweed offered its first 100% American-made wool yarn and design collections in 2010. Our first yarn, Shelter, was the culmination of Jared Flood’s dream to create homegrown yarns that would preserve, support and sustain the tradition of U.S. textile production. Brooklyn Tweed moved west to Portland, Oregon in 2015, consolidating the headquarters and shipping operations that send unique, breed-specific yarns all around the globe.

Our passion for wool fuels our vocation to develop new breed-specific American yarns. Shelter was later joined by Loft and Quarry to create a wide range of woolen-spun knitting options. The addition of Arbor in 2016 brought worsted-spun processing to the line, with Vale joining the family in the spring of 2017. In addition to our core yarn lines, Brooklyn Tweed occasionally works with small mills to produce single-batch special releases.

It gives us great pleasure to share the stories of our yarns from their birth on the open range of the American West to their milling in New England and to present their distinctive qualities to the hand-knitting world. We find joy and inspiration in working with new partners to create new products, and we’re proud to do business with venerable companies in an historic American industry.

Our in-house design team values clean, contemporary design with an eye for superior craftsmanship and knitterly detail. We strive to bring our customers original patterns that are thoughtfully considered, educational, and enjoyable to work. Our aim is to integrate history and tradition with new trends and modern techniques — and to offer superior pattern support to assist knitters in creating garments and accessories they will use and treasure for years.

Sheep To Skein

Our Team


Véronik Avery

Design Team

The northern-most member of our in-house Design Team, Véronik contributes beautiful knitwear patterns to our seasonal design collections and is based in chilly Montreal, Canada where wool is a way of life.


Luigi Boccia

Business Development

Maintaining and developing the business end of Brooklyn Tweed is Luigi’s forte, from budgeting to long-term planning and beyond. He works closely with our wholesale and business teams to achieve both short- and long-term company goals.


Sara Cade

Wholesale Specialist

Sara is one-half of our Wholesale Department. She loves to keep the shelves of our retailers stocked with Brooklyn Tweed yarns!


Stephanie Engle

Production Manager

Stephanie makes sure our yarn stays on track from sheep to skein, working closely with fiber suppliers, spinning mills and dye houses to keep our production cycles happy and healthy.


Jared Flood

Founder + Creative Director

Jared started Brooklyn Tweed as a blog for knitters in 2005. Over the following decade, his interests in knitting, wool and design have led him to develop BT's line of US-sourced and spun wool yarns and build a pattern design house for knitters.


Norah Gaughan

Design Team

We welcomed Norah to our in-house Design Team with our Winter 15 collection. Her innovative use of cables, geometry and shape give her work a signature style that knitters have come to recognize from her nearly 30-years of design experience in our industry.


Julie Hoover

Design Team

A member of our in-house Design Team since 2012, Julie is recognized for her minimal aesthetic and attention to fine detail. She focuses on designing knitwear that is simultaneously casual and elegant — a signature style she developed during her career as a visual merchandiser and art director.


Jen Hurley

Office Manager

Jen helps keep the Brooklyn Tweed Offices running like clockwork and supports the BT Team by setting our pattern collection schedules.


Ray Jackson

Shipping & Receiving

Ray keeps the warehouse singing a sweet and happy song, ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner each day.


Gudrun Johnston

Design Team

A native of the Shetland Islands and the newest member of our in-house Design Team, Gudrun is known for a classic aesthetic that adheres to her Scottish knitting heritage. She loves combining traditional knitting elements of colorwork and lace with construction methods and garment shapes that feel right at home for the modern knitter.


Caitlin Lomen

Graphic Designer

Caitlin brings her keen eye and design skills to the team by coordinating all of our graphic design needs.


Jamie Maccarthy

Customer & Community Relations

Jamie is the friendly face of customer service at Brooklyn Tweed. Have a problem with your order, a question about your account, or find yourself waffling over a pattern decision? Jamie is here to help! She loves assisting our customers in whatever way she can, including with pattern support for all Brooklyn Tweed patterns. Jamie also organizes our events, including fiber events, both close to home and abroad.


Kel Moore

Wholesale Manager

Kel leads our Wholesale Department. She loves to keep the shelves of our retailers stocked with Brooklyn Tweed yarns!


Christina Rondepierre

Marketing Manager

Christina designs and implements social media and marketing projects for Brooklyn Tweed. She also maintains and helps bring improvements to the BT website.


Lis Smith

Design Coordinator

Working with designers, sample knitters, and technical editors, Lis coordinates and oversees all stages of our pattern production cycle.


Korina Yoo

Marketing Coordinator

Korina assists with a range of marketing-related projects including content programming, copywriting, social media outreach, and editorial photography. She also organizes our Knitting Kits and Preview Knitter programs.

100% American Made


Yarn Spinning

Harrisville, NH

Our woolen-spun yarns are spun in historic Harrisville, a picturesque 19th-century mill town with a rich textile history.


Dye House

Philadelphia, PA

Once sheared and scoured, our wool for Loft, Shelter and Quarry is fleece dyed at G.J. Littlewood, a 5th generation family-owned and operated commercial dye house.


Wool Scouring

San Angelo, TX

Freshly shorn fleece from Wyoming travels here to The Bollman Company, where wools have been scoured and processed for nearly 150 years.


Wool Source

Johnson County, WY

Our domestic wool for Loft, Shelter and Quarry is sourced from three Johnson County ranches that husband Targhee-Columbia & Rambouillet sheep. After shearing season in the spring, fresh fleeces are shipped to Texas to be cleaned and readied for spinning.


BT Headquarters

Portland, OR

In 2015 we crossed the country, relocating BT headquarters to beautiful Portland, Oregon.