Our Mission

We are passionate about wool, knitting and design. We develop and manufacture breed-specific yarns that support domestic textile production—designing, sourcing, dyeing and spinning our yarns within the USA. Our design team is committed to producing high-quality, sophisticated knitwear patterns for the modern handknitter, especially tailored for the wool yarns we create.

Brooklyn Tweed began in 2005 as a blog for knitters and wool-lovers, penned by Jared Flood after his recent relocation to New York City. As Jared embarked on a career in knitwear design, he also began to pursue his vision of bringing American-made wool yarns to market, and in 2010 the company was born. Today, Brooklyn Tweed is home to a dedicated team of creative professionals committed to bringing hand knitters high-quality materials and knitwear design. After a rewarding and inspiring decade on the East Coast, Brooklyn Tweed moved west to Portland, Oregon in 2015, consolidating the headquarters and shipping operations that send unique, breed-specific yarns all over the globe and to select stockists in the United States, Canada, Japan, Iceland, and the United Kingdom.

Our passion for wool is second only to our conviction to produce American yarns that preserve, support and sustain the tradition of U.S. textile production. We are proud to share their story and their distinctive qualities with the hand-knitting world.

Our in-house design team values clean, contemporary design with an eye for superior craftsmanship and knitterly detail. We strive to bring our customers original patterns that are both intuitive and enjoyable to work. Our mission is to integrate history and tradition with new trends and modern techniques.

Brooklyn Tweed yarns are born in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains of north central Wyoming, where ranchers have raised sheep for 150 years. Our wool comes from three Johnson County ranches that husband Targhee-Columbia sheep, a distinctly American cross of two breeds with their origins in the wide-open spaces of the West. Both are large, sturdy animals able to withstand the harsh winters and terrain of their rangeland homes. The Targhee produces a finewool with Merino-like softness; Columbia wool is stouter and lends durability and character. The combination is ideal for the lofty, warm, woolen-spun yarns Brooklyn Tweed set out to create, yarns that are soft enough to wear against the skin but also long wearing and imbued with distinctive personality on the needles. Each Targhee-Columbia sheep will yield about 43 skeins of Loft or Shelter from a single shearing.

The fleeces travel from Wyoming to the Bollman Company in San Angelo, Texas for scouring. Bollman is a proud old company with nearly 150 years’ experience in preparing wool for many purposes, including use in their signature Western hats. They handle our fleeces gently, cleaning them thoroughly but never subjecting them to the harsh chemical treatment called carbonization, which obliterates plant matter but can also damage the wool 

itself. As a result, our finished yarn still contains a few flecks of Wyoming flora—evidence that it comes from sheep that spend active lives in the great outdoors. We think it’s worth picking out the occasional speck of hay during the knitting to preserve the purest qualities of the Targhee-Columbia fiber.

The clean wool is shipped to Pennsylvania, where G. J. Littlewood & Sons—now in their fifth generation and one of the last American survivors in the commercial dye business—create the sixteen solid colors that form the base of the Brooklyn Tweed heathered palette. Once dyed in eye-searing colors—we start with very bright solids to retain purity of color once they’re blended—the wool is baled in six-foot cubes and shipped north to Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Harrisville Designs operates in a 200-year-old mill designated as an historic landmark. The design collective was established in 1971 as a bold move to preserve a dying American craft and educate the public about one of New England’s foundational industries. Here Brooklyn Tweed yarns are blended into their 42 custom heathered shades, carded, spun, plied, skeined, and finished.

The “woolen” process utilized by the mill means the yarn is spun immediately after carding rather than running the fibers through a comb or pin-drafter to smooth and straighten them. This creates a jumbly, airy cloud of wool, feather light and wonderfully warm because so much air is trapped between the fibers. We retain that loftiness by spinning the wool quite gently, adding a little less twist than you’ll find in most commercial yarns. The result is a quietly rustic, slightly thick-and-thin yarn that’s a bit more delicate than the high-twist, multi-ply structures to which many knitters are accustomed. Once the yarn is knit and wet blocked, the stitches relax and cozy up to their neighbors to form a light, soft, and cohesive fabric that wears beautifully. Any pills that form are easily removed without damage to the surrounding fibers, so you can keep a garment knit from Loft or Shelter looking handsome for many years.

Brooklyn Tweed is committed to producing 100% American wool yarns. We aim to offer our customers high quality knitting wools with distinctive characteristics. We find joy and inspiration in working with new partners to create new products, and we’re proud to do business with venerable companies in an historic American industry. It gives us great pleasure to share the story and the experience of Brooklyn Tweed yarns with knitters around the world.

Sheep To Skein

Our Team


Véronik Avery

Design Team

The northern-most member of our in-house Design Team, Véronik contributes beautiful knitwear patterns to our seasonal design collections and is based in chilly Montreal, Canada where wool is a way of life.


Luigi Boccia

Business Development

Maintaining and developing the business end of Brooklyn Tweed is Luigi’s forte, from budgeting, to long-term planning and beyond. He works closely with our wholesale and business teams to achieve both short- and long-term company goals.


Christine Craig

Pattern Support

Does one of our patterns have you stumped? Christine is our dedicated pattern support specialist and is always available by e-mail (support@brooklyntweed.com) to help with any pattern-related confusion that might crop up while you are knitting.


Jared Flood

Founder + Creative Director

Jared started Brooklyn Tweed as a blog for knitters in 2005. Over the following decade, his interests in knitting, wool and design have led him to develop BT's line of US-sourced and spun wool yarns and build a pattern design house for knitters.


Norah Gaughan

Design Team

We welcomed Norah to our in-house Design Team with our Winter 15 collection. Her innovative use of cables, geometry and shape give her work a signature style that knitters have come to recognize from her nearly 30-years of design experience in our industry.


Julie Hoover

Design Team

A member of our in-house design team since 2012, Julie is recognized for her minimal aesthetic and attention to fine detail. She focuses on designing knitwear that is simultaneously casual and elegant—a signature style she developed during her career as a visual merchandiser and art director.


Jen Hurley

Office Manager

Jen helps keep the Brooklyn Tweed Offices running like clockwork while maintaining an active role in our growing Wholesale department.


Sue McCain

Technical Editing

Sue joined our pattern production team in 2013 and adds another layer to our technical editing process. She works closely with our Senior Tech editor doing both primary and counter tech editing for each design collection we create.


Elizabeth McMurtry

Creative Coordinator

Elizabeth coordinates operations in our Creative Department, working closely with our designers, knitters, and internal staff to keep our projects on track.


Robin Melanson

Technical Editing

Our senior tech editor has been overseeing the technical side of pattern production since we began creating design collections in 2011. Robin works alongside our design team to ensure that all patterns satisfy our meticulous technical and stylistic standards.


Anna Moore


Anna interns in our Creative Department and is somewhat of a "Swiss Army Knife"—helping out on all manner of creative tasks from yarn development and photoshoots to product development and social media.


Kel Moore

Wholesale Specialist

Kel is the primary liaison between BT and each of our yarn wholesalers. She loves helping local yarn shops keep their shelves stocked with wool!


Sarah Pope


Sarah is our resident wordsmith. She works closely with our creative team in composing written words for all manner of projects here, be they new knitting patterns, collection launches, social media or general announcements.


Christina Rondepierre

Customer Service

Christina is the friendly face of customer service at Brooklyn Tweed. Have a problem with your order, question about your account, or waffling over a pattern decision? Christina is here to help! She loves assisting our customers in whatever way she can.


Stephen Wanders

Shipping & Receiving

Stephen calls our yarn warehouse home, ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner each day.


Michele Wang

Design Team

An original member of our in-house design team, Michele channels her love for fashion knitwear, cables, and texture into her patterns. Calling NYC home, she’s been regularly contributing cozy, chic designs to our collections since 2011.

100% American Made



Portland, ME

Our yarns are available at KnitWit (see Retail Stockists below).


Yarn Spinning

Harrisville, NH

Our yarns are spun in historic Harrisville, a picturesque 19th-century mill town with a rich textile history. BT yarns are also available locally at the Weaving Center in Harrisville Village.


Dye House

Philadelphia, PA

Once sheared and scoured, our wool is fleece dyed at G.J. Littlewood, a 5th generation family-owned and operated commercial dye house. BT yarns are also available locally at Loop. (See Retail Stockists below.)


Wool Scouring

San Angelo, TX

Freshly shorn fleece from Wyoming travels here to The Bollman Company, where wools have been scoured and processed for nearly 150 years.


Wool Source

Johnson County, WY

Our domestic wool is sourced from three Johnson County ranches that husband Targhee-Columbia & Rambouillet sheep. After shearing season in the spring, fresh fleeces are shipped to Texas to be cleaned and readied for spinning.



Alexandria, VA

Our yarns are available at Fibre Space (see Retail Stockists below).



Austin, TX

Our yarns are available at Hill Country Weavers (see Retail Stockists below).



Bainbridge Island, WA

Our yarns are available at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas (see Retail Stockists below).



Denver, CO

Our yarns are available at Fancy Tiger Crafts (see Retail Stockists below).



New York, NY

Our yarns are available at Purl Soho (Manhattan) and Brooklyn General Store (Brooklyn). See Retail Stockists below.



Oakland, CA

Our yarns are available at A Verb For Keeping Warm (see Retail Stockists below).


BT Headquarters

Portland, OR

In 2015 we crossed the country, relocating BT headquarters to beautiful Portland, Oregon. Our yarns are available in town at Knit Purl, too (see Retail Stockists below).



Salt Lake City, UT

Our yarns are available at Blazing Needles (see Retail Stockists below).



Santa Barbara, CA

Our yarns are available at Loop & Leaf (see Retail Stockists below).



St. Paul, MN

Our yarns are available at The Yarnery (see Retail Stockists below).



Carnation, WA

Our yarns are available at Tolt Yarn & Wool (see Retail Stockists below).



Chicago, IL

Our yarns are available at Windy Knitty (see Retail Stockists below).



Madison, WI

Our yarns are available at The Knitting Tree (see Retail Stockists below).



Ashland, OR

Our yarns are available at The Web-sters (see Retail Stockists below).



Jamaica Plain, MA

Our yarns are available at JP Knit and Stitch (see Retail Stockists below).



Nashville, TN

Our yarns are available at Haus of Yarn (see Retail Stockists below).



Pacific Grove, CA

Our yarns are available at Monarch Knitting (see Retail Stockists below).



Ann Arbor, MI

Our yarns are available at Spun (see Retail Stockists below).



Bozeman, MT

Our yarns are available at Stix (see Retail Stockists below).



Corvallis, OR

Our yarns are available at Stash (see Retail Stockists below).



Oak Park, IL

Our yarns are available at Fiberista Club (see Retail Stockists below).



Indianapolis, IN

Our yarns are available at Broad Ripple Knits (see Retail Stockists below).



Dayton, OH

Our yarns are available at Strings Attached Yarns (see Retail Stockists below).



Roswell, GA

Our yarns are available at Cast-on Cottage (see Retail Stockists below).



Royal Oak, MI

Our yarns are available at Ewe-nique Knits (see Retail Stockists below).



New Haven, CT

Our yarns are available at Knit New Haven (see Retail Stockists below).